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I mustache you a question: Do you like boot cuffs?

Is it bedtime yet? No? Only 3:30, eh? Well. Soon it will be wine o’clock, so that’s something. I am tired, it has been a long day already, but I can finally share the finished boot cuffs. They went to a couple of girls who love mustaches, and I just happen to have some mustache buttons. Soooo…IMG_3617

IMG_3621Fun, no? I’ll definitely be making more of these before the next craft show.

Yesterday I went shopping and bought gorgeous yarn I don’t need, and tomorrow I will show you pictures. Today I am tired so I am going to go visit my couch. It is calling my name.

What’s On My Needles Today?

I don’t have any finished objects to show yet, but it’s close. I did indeed start a new project yesterday, as I said I would, and oh I am in love with it. And I have Ravelry to thank for it. I was browsing patterns the other day (I can’t remember if it was the Top 20 or my highlights or New Patterns) and I saw a photo of this lovely, simple cowl. I clicked on it, saw it was free (awesome!), and then noticed the yarn that Ravelry suggested I use: Malabrigo Worsted. The same Malabrigo I bought at the Yarn Barn recently and wound with plans to knit it soon. Well, that’s fate, isn’t it? I love cowls, I love simple patterns with a twist (literal or figurative), and I love this yarn. I cast on and after three episodes of Grey’s, I have a big chunk completed. IMG_1118_2Isn’t it beautiful?? I just love the colors in this. As soon as I’m done on this darn computer, I’m retreating to my couch and finishing it. Oh yeah, you might want the pattern, eh? It’s the Clairiere Cowl and it’s an easy 4-row repeat.

I also picked out some yarn for boot cuffs today. The response has been strong and positive, so I’m planning to make several pairs for the craft show season. Here’s what I’ve got to start. That one on top is a dark brown. I’m not sure about that color, since most boots are black or brown. Would you wear brown boot cuffs with brown boots?IMG_1117_2Finally, here’s my sad puppy from yesterday. Despite his best efforts, he did not get a walk in the sub-zero temperatures, so he was a lazy pup all day long. I promise he will get a walk today. Later. It’s supposed to warm up a bit by this afternoon. Here’s hoping. Really I should be making myself a Polar Vortex hat this morning!IMG_1108

Craft Show Success & 3-Hat Sunday

Wow! What a productive weekend I had! I’m tired but boy do I feel good. I had a craft show with my SIL on Saturday at a local church. We had a smaller space than usual, just enough room for one 6′ table, so we had to smoosh it all together. My daughter decided to join us, and it was lovely to have the extra help and the extra company.

SIL and daughter setting up the table

SIL and daughter setting up the table

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

They were predicting 2-4 inches of snow so it was slow most of the morning. Like, really slow. Like, the only people there were the vendors and their families. My poor girl, who’s still recovering from a fall full of activities, fell asleep three times. I have a really cute picture of her sleeping but she’d probably kill me if I shared it. My sister visited with her two kids, so they entertained me for a while. And a good friend and former co-worker showed up, which was a delightful surprise. I’m always touched when people take the time to support me with their presence, and it’s even better when they buy something! Susan bought two of my favorite pieces, and I was happy to see them go to someone who appreciates them. Finally, after lunch, when it was clear the weathermen were crazy and no snow was coming, people finally started shopping. By the end of the show, I’d sold around a dozen pieces and made table and then some. I was thrilled to be going home with less than I came with! Although I went home with something new too.

IMG_3222Isn’t this cool? I love how it looks like a carpetbag! I can’t tell what the stitch is; it’s not linen or seed or stockinette. Sure, I could probably make something very similar myself, but hey, this is already done and ready to use. I like that.

So. Good craft fair. I worked on a hat order a little bit while I was there, then yesterday I buckled down and worked hard, and I finished THREE hat orders!! What a relief to cross these off my To-Do list!IMG_3215 IMG_3220Yes, another Olaf. (I know, he needs eyeballs. I have to go buy buttons today.) I know I said I never wanted to make another one. Either the price was right, I’m crazy, or I really like the person who ordered it. Or all three. In any case, I made another one, and now I know I *really* don’t want to to do it again.IMG_3216Red crochet cloche made with Cascade Pacific. It’s a pretty simple pattern and I even learned something new making it. It’s not the best picture because I need to get some buttons today. It has a flap on the side so you can button it as snug as you need it, and I’ll take another picture once I get that part completed.IMG_3218Last is a simple garter stitch baby hat with pompom. I was making it for a big-headed baby and had different yarn and needles than the pattern called for, so you can read my Ravelry notes for the modifications.

Is that all? That might be all. Surely that’s enough for one weekend! Oh, one more thing I did: after the show, I updated my Items for Sale album on my Facebook page and marked a few things down in hopes of clearing out a bit more inventory. Fingers crossed!

Now I have no idea what to take with me today for my waiting room knitting! I’ve finished all my simple projects, I think. Do I cast on for something else or be brave and take something more complicated?

Manic Monday: Finished Objects and More Yarn

I feel as though I have been remiss, not blogging as regularly as I would like. I’d like to say I’ll get on the ball and start blogging at least twice a week, but…well, the holidays are coming so I make no promises. At least my schedule will soon ease up in a couple of ways: the teenager is done with marching band now, and will be done with the school musical after this week. Much less driving for me!

The two projects that filled most of last week can’t be written about as of yet, but I have other yarny adventures to share. My LYS recently moved from the little downtown area to a nearby warehouse space, sharing 5000+ square feet with another yarn store to become the Yarn Mercantile. They’re two separate entities under one roof, divided by a blue tape “Mason Dixon Line”, and I thoroughly explored both.

Angelika’s Yarn Store is new to this area, having moved here recently from Portland. She has aisles of yarn from lace weight to bulky, with easy-to-read signs hanging above. There’s lots of yarn I hadn’t seen before (mostly the Lorna’s Laces, which was fabulous but a higher price than I can usually afford) and lots of yarn I have (lots of Cascade, in all weights and colors. The huge wall with all the colors of 220 was impressive.). They have a wide range of needles and notions too, but I was there for yarn. I managed to restrain myself to just two skeins of Cascade Yarns Pacific Chunky. It’s a bulky yarn of 60% acrylic and 40% merino, so it’s warm and soft, and works up quickly. The two colors that ended up in my arms were a vivid turquoise and a soft gray. IMG_5369Of course I had to check out my old LYS, Knitcraft, while I was there. They were still in the moving process, so not everything was set up and full yet. I didn’t see anything new, but they’ve always had a great selection of yarns in all weights and price ranges, so I never walk out empty-handed. This time was no different. Despite trying to be thrifty, I still came home with a skein of Manos del Uruguay Maxima. I love their yarns; the colors are just gorgeous.IMG_5367When I got home, I discovered I already have a skein of this. Same colorway and everything. Oops! Well, that means I can make something even cooler. My goal is two make a couple of hats from the Cascade for my next craft fair and pay for them and the Manos. Good plan, eh?

Saturday was the husband’s birthday and we spent the afternoon exploring downtown Leavenworth. They have a three-floor antique mall that we love, as well as several other smaller antique stores. I found the coolest project bag at the antique mall, with tons of little pockets and pouches and elastic straps and zippered compartments. I think it’s going to be the best travel project bag ever. I kind of want to get duplicate notions just so I can keep it stocked at all times!IMG_3145

We didn’t have time for all the stores, but we hit our favorites. We love The Pot Rack with all the cool kitchen gadgets and the Queen’s Pantry with the British grocery and full range of teas and accessories. They have a yarn store now, too: Momo’s Knitting Nook. It’s a cute store with a lot of things I’d love in my own store someday! Right inside the store, facing the big front windows, are two small armchairs. That’s where my son decided to hang out, but I could definitely see myself spending some time there too.

The yarn is shelved in oversized wooden cabinetry with lovely detailing. I’m not sure how to describe it, except that they’re actual furniture pieces and not your basic, plain yarn-store shelves. There’s dark wood everywhere, including a massive rectangular table in the middle of the room that I’m sure is great for classes and groups. There are two more armchairs at the other end of the room as well as a nook with a long couch flanked by two more armchairs. Lots of seating, in other words! It was really inviting; you can tell they want you to feel comfortable hanging out and crafting with them.

Now, the yarn: lots of neat stuff, but somehow I wasn’t tempted by too much. There were brands I hadn’t seen before, as well as new yarns from familiar (to me) brands. The stuff I coveted was too expensive and the stuff in my price range didn’t call my name. It was strange. Don’t worry, I persevered and found two skeins I “needed”. One was a Cascade Yarns Magnum Paints in purples. I’ve seen, and worked with, the Magnum and love it, but I’d never seen the purple Paints before, and the price seemed comparable. The second was a Crystal Palace Yarns Gold Rush, a really lovely bulky rainbow yarn with a gold halo.IMG_3146 IMG_3147If only I knew what to make with either of these!! What would be the perfect projects?

Finally, the added bonus our adventure was the knitting time during the hour-long drive to and from. I managed to get the turquoise Cascade mostly done. I used the Starving Artist pattern and am quite tickled by the twisted rib that gives it such a neat texture.IMG_3151 IMG_3152That’s it for the last week! Well, except for the two secret projects. Today is a busy day but I’ve got the gray hat halfway done, so fingers crossed I can show it off tomorrow. Maybe then I’ll start on the Magnum. What projects do you love for that one skein of super bulky yarn?

On making all the things: progress

Time is limited today so I have to write quickly! I am so stupid busy right now, I almost can’t stand it. The time has come where knitters and crocheters must start making all of the things, in a frenzy to complete everything before that one winter day we will not mention yet. I am no different, but before I get to the projects for that day, I still have some orders to fill. With that in mind, I spent Sunday on the couch with my hook and yarn. The girl and I had a Rachel McAdams movie marathon (Mean Girls, The Vow, and The Notebook) and I completed two and a half sets of boot cuffs. Two are Kansas City Chiefs colors and one is Denver Broncos.

IMG_5172Oops. Can’t find the picture of the Broncos set. Well, it’ll show up sooner or later. It looks like these, only navy and orange. Use your imagination.

And I can’t remember if I shared the other hat I finished. I’m making hat and scarf sets for two boys, and my SIL will embroider their names on the brim. The hats are complete, now I just need to whip up two crochet striped scarves. No problem.

IMG_5163Ok, that’s all for now! I must drive the children all of the places!

The Boon of Buttons: A Crochet Newsboy

Buttons are amazing. They can add a pop of color, a flash of drama, or a touch of whimsy. They come in so many colors and sizes and styles that there’s sure to be the perfect button for each project. That’s the blessing of buttons, but it’s also the curse.

I love buttons. Adore them. I have two boxes full, buttons I’ve saved from my own clothes as well as buttons I’ve bought at estate sales and garage sales and antique stores. I’ve got vintage button cards with all the buttons still sewn on. I covet the box of buttons at my mother’s house, which contains buttons from both her and her mother. When I’m making something I know will need a button, I can’t wait to dig through the boxes to find the right button.

But which one is the *right* button? Sometimes it’s obvious; I’ve known which button, or least which color, I’ll be using from the beginning. And sometimes all I know is that I need a button and I have a heck of a time picking just one.

That’s where I am right now. I crocheted another newsboy cap last night, this one in some bulky gray Premier Yarns Serenity. It needs a button. This morning I went through my button stash, thinking it needed black. Well, I have a lot of black buttons. While digging, I found a few other options that are kind of nifty. So…which one do I pick?? The hat isn’t for anyone specific. It’s for my craft fair on the 11th, so I want it to have a broad appeal. It’s sized for teens/small adult. Here are the options.







Matte black

Matte black

Simple black

Simple black

Glossy black

Glossy black

Black anchor

Black anchor

Detail of black anchor

Detail of black anchor

Little black

Little black

That’s a lot of choices, I know. Now it’s up to you. I need your help. Which one(s) do you love? Which do you hate? I know which one is my favorite but I’m not saying yet!

Never too busy for hats

This last weekend was full of physical labor, so very little yarning got done. We’re so close to being done with our flagstone patio, which we’re doing all by ourselves and I can’t wait to show off, but it meant that I spent Saturday shoveling sand and Sunday laying stones. But late last week and during the evenings the last few days, I did manage to work up a few more hats for the craft fair next month. I used up the last of my purple Caron for three more Princess Anna hoods, and I got one newsboy done. I want to do a matching doll newsboy with the last of the variegated yard. That might be all I get done before the show, and that’s okay. IMG_2960 IMG_2963 IMG_2968I did these hoods plain, no flowers, because that’s what Anna’s hood actually looks like. (And because the embroidery and sewing on of flowers was too time-consuming.)

Hopefully the patio doesn’t distract me too much, because I’d still like to get a few more hats done!

Crochet for a craft fair

I’ve gotten some good feedback about the upcoming craft fair, so I’m feeling much better about it, thank you! I’ve decided to leave my prices as is: they’re more than fair, and I’d rather hang on to my projects than sell them at cost or just above cost. If I don’t value my work, how I can expect a customer to value it, right?

With that in mind, I’m trying to think of a few fast projects I can make before the show. Hats seem to be a popular suggestion, so I’m aiming for three of the Princess Anna-inspired hood. I’m going to try to make at least two sets of owl hats, matching ones for girls and 18″ dolls. I’ll sell them separately, though. If I have time after that, I’d like to make another newsboy like this one. I really liked how the yarn and pattern worked so well together.IMG_2645And then, if I have any *more* time (I’ll pause here for the laughing to subside. Okay? Okay.) I want to make some boot cuffs. I made some last winter and not only were they fast, but they were super cute and very popular. These were my faves. IMG_3051 IMG_3093 IMG_3043 IMG_3448 IMG_3436I think that’s all I can even dream to finish in the next two weeks, and I know, that’s stretching it. But a girl’s gotta dream. And if I focus on these projects only, I should be able to get a lot done. I can crochet a lot faster than I can knit. Now, I’ve got my yarn, my hook, and my wrist brace…I’m ready to get going!

Knit along if you know what Happiness is to you

Whew. After a few really crazy weeks, I finally have time to catch my breath and post a few pictures of my latest projects. With a lot of kid activities and back-to-school stuff happening right now, my yarn is all that’s keeping me sane! So this is a photo-heavy post–I need a lot of help to stay sane right now. I had another request for girl/doll hats, but this time in blue. IMG_2667 IMG_2669 IMG_2671 IMG_2674After that, I had another set to make, but it was a little trickier. She wanted the cowboy style (only more like a fedora) but she wanted it for a girl and doll, and before I’d only made that style in the doll size. I searched for a good pattern, and went through three of them and wasn’t happy with any of them. I even bought a pattern! But they were all wrong in some way. Either they were too small or the wrong shape or they were too floppy.

Finally, I went back to the original hat pattern and modified it to fit a child. (*fingers crossed* She hasn’t received the hats yet.) I doubled the yarn, went up two hook sizes, and kept increasing by about 20 stitches. I do like how it came out; it’s soft but still holds a shape somewhat. I just hope I made it deep enough for her head. If not, I’ll be making another attempt!

IMG_4784We celebrated my niece’s birthday this weekend, and I got to make her a couple of things too. She loves stuffed animals, so I crocheted a little cardigan for her Hello Kitty doll to wear. It went so fast, and it’s super cute.

IMG_2697I also made her a hat of her own. She’d seen me making the purple one, and kept telling me how much she liked it, so I worked up a blue version for her. I used a single strand of a bulky yarn, with some wool instead of all acrylic, and I wasn’t happy with the end result. It came out floppier than I wanted, and today I discovered that it’s too small for her. (*insert sad face here*) However, it looks adorable on my nephew, so I might just make another, bigger one for her.

IMG_2703Finally, I was done with all those hats! With no pressing yarny needs and a sore wrist from crocheting, it was time for fat yarn and knitting needles. I picked up my indigo Cascade Magnum and my size 19 needles and made a Marian twisted cowl.

IMG_2690 IMG_2692I think that’s all. Ok, not really, I also made an adorable Christmas present but can’t show it off yet. Darn it. I do love it, too. And now I think I will be working on some more Christmas presents because I ordered a bunch of stuff in the Knitpicks summer sale and I have this fun box of yarn to play with now!







Crochet Hats for American Girl Dolls & Their Girls

The hats have arrived so I can finally share some photos with you! I made three sets of hats for a girl and her doll, and two sets of cowboy hats and boots for the dolls.IMG_2640 IMG_2619I started with the doll hats while I waited for measurements. I found a great pattern by Carol Ballard on Ravelry here and she’s also got a blog called Cobbler’s Cabin. The first hat went quickly. It was awfully cute, even though the family thought it looked more like a fedora than a cowboy hat. With some shaping and tacking, I got it to look pretty close to a cowboy hat, I think.

IMG_2621 IMG_2638The boots were tricky. I used a Lion Brand pattern for baby cowboy booties, thinking that surely it wouldn’t be too hard to modify for a doll size. Ha! I crocheted and frogged the first boot at least three times while I figured out the right stitch counts. I finally got a good pattern and after that, the boots flew off the hook…until I got to the brown and tan pair. Brown was the requested color, but I used more on the hat than I expected, so I had just a tiny ball left for the boots. I tried to crochet as fast as possible, but it didn’t work, and I still ran out of yarn too quickly. The second boot didn’t match the first, and I am just OCD enough that it bothered me a lot. First boot was frogged and redone, and I finished the second with brown yarn to spare.

IMG_2630 IMG_2643

Owl hats were next. I found this great pattern by Kathy Russell for the doll size, and I had a blast making up the little eyes and beak and the little tufty ears. Plus I love buttons, so getting to add button eyes was a treat. The girl size was done using an awesome pattern by Sarah at the Repeat Crafter Me blog. She does some super cute stuff, and this hat is so cool. So easy to modify for size or design, you can make any kind of hat you want!

IMG_2634 IMG_2626

I used the same patterns for the Minnie Mouse hats, adding round ears and a flower instead of a face.

IMG_2633 IMG_2629

Almost done! The last request was for a set of newsboy caps in blue-green. I found some great yarn at Michaels and a couple of great patterns to go with it. The doll pattern came from Posh Patterns, and you can find plenty more of her patterns on her Etsy site. The last hat ended up being my very favorite. The yarn worked perfectly with the pattern, and the sizing was great, and it’s just as cute as can be. The pattern is called Newsie by Heidi Yates, and she includes a handy size chart in the pattern so you can easily modify the pattern for sizes from newborn to adult. It’s the same pattern I used for my Tart Newsboy

IMG_2649 IMG_2645All the hats fit their girls well and were a huge hit. She’s already asked for two more sets, so I’ll have more to show soon. I hope I’ve inspired you to start hooking your own wee hats, but if you’d rather, I’d love to do it for you! Visit me on Facebook and send me a message.