Craft Show Success & 3-Hat Sunday

Wow! What a productive weekend I had! I’m tired but boy do I feel good. I had a craft show with my SIL on Saturday at a local church. We had a smaller space than usual, just enough room for one 6′ table, so we had to smoosh it all together. My daughter decided to join us, and it was lovely to have the extra help and the extra company.

SIL and daughter setting up the table

SIL and daughter setting up the table

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

They were predicting 2-4 inches of snow so it was slow most of the morning. Like, really slow. Like, the only people there were the vendors and their families. My poor girl, who’s still recovering from a fall full of activities, fell asleep three times. I have a really cute picture of her sleeping but she’d probably kill me if I shared it. My sister visited with her two kids, so they entertained me for a while. And a good friend and former co-worker showed up, which was a delightful surprise. I’m always touched when people take the time to support me with their presence, and it’s even better when they buy something! Susan bought two of my favorite pieces, and I was happy to see them go to someone who appreciates them. Finally, after lunch, when it was clear the weathermen were crazy and no snow was coming, people finally started shopping. By the end of the show, I’d sold around a dozen pieces and made table and then some. I was thrilled to be going home with less than I came with! Although I went home with something new too.

IMG_3222Isn’t this cool? I love how it looks like a carpetbag! I can’t tell what the stitch is; it’s not linen or seed or stockinette. Sure, I could probably make something very similar myself, but hey, this is already done and ready to use. I like that.

So. Good craft fair. I worked on a hat order a little bit while I was there, then yesterday I buckled down and worked hard, and I finished THREE hat orders!! What a relief to cross these off my To-Do list!IMG_3215 IMG_3220Yes, another Olaf. (I know, he needs eyeballs. I have to go buy buttons today.) I know I said I never wanted to make another one. Either the price was right, I’m crazy, or I really like the person who ordered it. Or all three. In any case, I made another one, and now I know I *really* don’t want to to do it again.IMG_3216Red crochet cloche made with Cascade Pacific. It’s a pretty simple pattern and I even learned something new making it. It’s not the best picture because I need to get some buttons today. It has a flap on the side so you can button it as snug as you need it, and I’ll take another picture once I get that part completed.IMG_3218Last is a simple garter stitch baby hat with pompom. I was making it for a big-headed baby and had different yarn and needles than the pattern called for, so you can read my Ravelry notes for the modifications.

Is that all? That might be all. Surely that’s enough for one weekend! Oh, one more thing I did: after the show, I updated my Items for Sale album on my Facebook page and marked a few things down in hopes of clearing out a bit more inventory. Fingers crossed!

Now I have no idea what to take with me today for my waiting room knitting! I’ve finished all my simple projects, I think. Do I cast on for something else or be brave and take something more complicated?

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