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Do I want to build a snowman? Nope!

I did it! I finished two gift hats yesterday! With the exception of a trip to Costco, my day was spent crocheting and sewing. And I’m not sure I want to do it again anytime soon. First, I’ll let you see Olaf, which is for my nephew’s birthday. I used a few different patterns and some experimentation to cobble him together.IMG_3161 IMG_3164He’s cute, no? I think so. Thank goodness, because I kind of hated making him. The fiddly finishing bits are my least favorite part of making things, and there was just so much darn finishing with this one. It was tricky to get the face spaced out correctly, and the carrot wanted to flop over, and those twig/hair things…well, they just won’t stand up. But he is cute, and I am proud of him, and I really hope my funny little nephew likes him!

His older sister is getting an owl hat, and that was the second gift I finished yesterday. The owls are so much easier compared to Olaf! This was done with Caron Simply Soft in Pagoda, and I’m hoping to have enough time to make some matching mittens.IMG_3166 IMG_3168It felt SO GOOD to cross two things off my Must-Make list that I’m going to aim for another one today. But I also added one to the list yesterday. I found out last night that a friend of mine is going to be a grandma, so I need to make a baby hat. Guess I better get back to my yarn!

Crochet for a craft fair

I’ve gotten some good feedback about the upcoming craft fair, so I’m feeling much better about it, thank you! I’ve decided to leave my prices as is: they’re more than fair, and I’d rather hang on to my projects than sell them at cost or just above cost. If I don’t value my work, how I can expect a customer to value it, right?

With that in mind, I’m trying to think of a few fast projects I can make before the show. Hats seem to be a popular suggestion, so I’m aiming for three of the Princess Anna-inspired hood. I’m going to try to make at least two sets of owl hats, matching ones for girls and 18″ dolls. I’ll sell them separately, though. If I have time after that, I’d like to make another newsboy like this one. I really liked how the yarn and pattern worked so well together.IMG_2645And then, if I have any *more* time (I’ll pause here for the laughing to subside. Okay? Okay.) I want to make some boot cuffs. I made some last winter and not only were they fast, but they were super cute and very popular. These were my faves. IMG_3051 IMG_3093 IMG_3043 IMG_3448 IMG_3436I think that’s all I can even dream to finish in the next two weeks, and I know, that’s stretching it. But a girl’s gotta dream. And if I focus on these projects only, I should be able to get a lot done. I can crochet a lot faster than I can knit. Now, I’ve got my yarn, my hook, and my wrist brace…I’m ready to get going!

These owls are ready to leave the nest

It’s a cool, gray, drizzly day, and I’ve spent the morning with my fancy crochet hook, finishing up an order. That makes two that are ready to ship out tomorrow! IMG_5046 IMG_5052 IMG_2942IMG_2951Now the dog is impatient, so I’ll step away from the yarn and take him for a walk. When I return, I’ll be switching back to knitting to give my wrists a break!

A new hook, and still more hats

I’m all about the hats, can you tell? I’m working on filling orders, which means more owl hats emerging from my hook. I’ve been crocheting so much lately that I splurged a wee bit on my last trip to Joann. I had my coupon but there was nothing I really *needed*. Still, you can’t let a 50% off coupon go to waste, right? So I decided to try out a new hook. Almost all of my hooks are the metal Boye books that I bought when I started crocheting. They’re fine, but I found that when I added a finger grip, they were even better. Well, I went all out: I bought a Clover hook with the cushioned handle. I use the H size the most so that’s what I bought.

IMG_3853.JPG I LOVE it. It feels lighter in my hand, it’s warm, and my fingers don’t have to grip so tightly. I’m definitely adding these to my wish list.
This is what I’m doing with my new hook. One more pink owl hat. She looks creepy because she has no eyeballs yet. I need more 3/4″ black buttons. I’ve got two boxes of buttons but not two black that match. So a trip to Joann is on my agenda today.

Until I get the buttons, I’m working on a brown baby owl hat. It’ll get a matching mom hat too.

After this set, I have two hats and two scarves to make, and then I’m caught up with orders. After that, I’ll probably get back to my Christmas knitting…and a wee bit of selfish knitting!

Knit along if you know what Happiness is to you

Whew. After a few really crazy weeks, I finally have time to catch my breath and post a few pictures of my latest projects. With a lot of kid activities and back-to-school stuff happening right now, my yarn is all that’s keeping me sane! So this is a photo-heavy post–I need a lot of help to stay sane right now. I had another request for girl/doll hats, but this time in blue. IMG_2667 IMG_2669 IMG_2671 IMG_2674After that, I had another set to make, but it was a little trickier. She wanted the cowboy style (only more like a fedora) but she wanted it for a girl and doll, and before I’d only made that style in the doll size. I searched for a good pattern, and went through three of them and wasn’t happy with any of them. I even bought a pattern! But they were all wrong in some way. Either they were too small or the wrong shape or they were too floppy.

Finally, I went back to the original hat pattern and modified it to fit a child. (*fingers crossed* She hasn’t received the hats yet.) I doubled the yarn, went up two hook sizes, and kept increasing by about 20 stitches. I do like how it came out; it’s soft but still holds a shape somewhat. I just hope I made it deep enough for her head. If not, I’ll be making another attempt!

IMG_4784We celebrated my niece’s birthday this weekend, and I got to make her a couple of things too. She loves stuffed animals, so I crocheted a little cardigan for her Hello Kitty doll to wear. It went so fast, and it’s super cute.

IMG_2697I also made her a hat of her own. She’d seen me making the purple one, and kept telling me how much she liked it, so I worked up a blue version for her. I used a single strand of a bulky yarn, with some wool instead of all acrylic, and I wasn’t happy with the end result. It came out floppier than I wanted, and today I discovered that it’s too small for her. (*insert sad face here*) However, it looks adorable on my nephew, so I might just make another, bigger one for her.

IMG_2703Finally, I was done with all those hats! With no pressing yarny needs and a sore wrist from crocheting, it was time for fat yarn and knitting needles. I picked up my indigo Cascade Magnum and my size 19 needles and made a Marian twisted cowl.

IMG_2690 IMG_2692I think that’s all. Ok, not really, I also made an adorable Christmas present but can’t show it off yet. Darn it. I do love it, too. And now I think I will be working on some more Christmas presents because I ordered a bunch of stuff in the Knitpicks summer sale and I have this fun box of yarn to play with now!







Crochet Hats for American Girl Dolls & Their Girls

The hats have arrived so I can finally share some photos with you! I made three sets of hats for a girl and her doll, and two sets of cowboy hats and boots for the dolls.IMG_2640 IMG_2619I started with the doll hats while I waited for measurements. I found a great pattern by Carol Ballard on Ravelry here and she’s also got a blog called Cobbler’s Cabin. The first hat went quickly. It was awfully cute, even though the family thought it looked more like a fedora than a cowboy hat. With some shaping and tacking, I got it to look pretty close to a cowboy hat, I think.

IMG_2621 IMG_2638The boots were tricky. I used a Lion Brand pattern for baby cowboy booties, thinking that surely it wouldn’t be too hard to modify for a doll size. Ha! I crocheted and frogged the first boot at least three times while I figured out the right stitch counts. I finally got a good pattern and after that, the boots flew off the hook…until I got to the brown and tan pair. Brown was the requested color, but I used more on the hat than I expected, so I had just a tiny ball left for the boots. I tried to crochet as fast as possible, but it didn’t work, and I still ran out of yarn too quickly. The second boot didn’t match the first, and I am just OCD enough that it bothered me a lot. First boot was frogged and redone, and I finished the second with brown yarn to spare.

IMG_2630 IMG_2643

Owl hats were next. I found this great pattern by Kathy Russell for the doll size, and I had a blast making up the little eyes and beak and the little tufty ears. Plus I love buttons, so getting to add button eyes was a treat. The girl size was done using an awesome pattern by Sarah at the Repeat Crafter Me blog. She does some super cute stuff, and this hat is so cool. So easy to modify for size or design, you can make any kind of hat you want!

IMG_2634 IMG_2626

I used the same patterns for the Minnie Mouse hats, adding round ears and a flower instead of a face.

IMG_2633 IMG_2629

Almost done! The last request was for a set of newsboy caps in blue-green. I found some great yarn at Michaels and a couple of great patterns to go with it. The doll pattern came from Posh Patterns, and you can find plenty more of her patterns on her Etsy site. The last hat ended up being my very favorite. The yarn worked perfectly with the pattern, and the sizing was great, and it’s just as cute as can be. The pattern is called Newsie by Heidi Yates, and she includes a handy size chart in the pattern so you can easily modify the pattern for sizes from newborn to adult. It’s the same pattern I used for my Tart Newsboy

IMG_2649 IMG_2645All the hats fit their girls well and were a huge hit. She’s already asked for two more sets, so I’ll have more to show soon. I hope I’ve inspired you to start hooking your own wee hats, but if you’d rather, I’d love to do it for you! Visit me on Facebook and send me a message.