On making all the things: progress

Time is limited today so I have to write quickly! I am so stupid busy right now, I almost can’t stand it. The time has come where knitters and crocheters must start making all of the things, in a frenzy to complete everything before that one winter day we will not mention yet. I am no different, but before I get to the projects for that day, I still have some orders to fill. With that in mind, I spent Sunday on the couch with my hook and yarn. The girl and I had a Rachel McAdams movie marathon (Mean Girls, The Vow, and The Notebook) and I completed two and a half sets of boot cuffs. Two are Kansas City Chiefs colors and one is Denver Broncos.

IMG_5172Oops. Can’t find the picture of the Broncos set. Well, it’ll show up sooner or later. It looks like these, only navy and orange. Use your imagination.

And I can’t remember if I shared the other hat I finished. I’m making hat and scarf sets for two boys, and my SIL will embroider their names on the brim. The hats are complete, now I just need to whip up two crochet striped scarves. No problem.

IMG_5163Ok, that’s all for now! I must drive the children all of the places!

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