What’s On My Needles Today?

I don’t have any finished objects to show yet, but it’s close. I did indeed start a new project yesterday, as I said I would, and oh I am in love with it. And I have Ravelry to thank for it. I was browsing patterns the other day (I can’t remember if it was the Top 20 or my highlights or New Patterns) and I saw a photo of this lovely, simple cowl. I clicked on it, saw it was free (awesome!), and then noticed the yarn that Ravelry suggested I use: Malabrigo Worsted. The same Malabrigo I bought at the Yarn Barn recently and wound with plans to knit it soon. Well, that’s fate, isn’t it? I love cowls, I love simple patterns with a twist (literal or figurative), and I love this yarn. I cast on and after three episodes of Grey’s, I have a big chunk completed. IMG_1118_2Isn’t it beautiful?? I just love the colors in this. As soon as I’m done on this darn computer, I’m retreating to my couch and finishing it. Oh yeah, you might want the pattern, eh? It’s the Clairiere Cowl and it’s an easy 4-row repeat.

I also picked out some yarn for boot cuffs today. The response has been strong and positive, so I’m planning to make several pairs for the craft show season. Here’s what I’ve got to start. That one on top is a dark brown. I’m not sure about that color, since most boots are black or brown. Would you wear brown boot cuffs with brown boots?IMG_1117_2Finally, here’s my sad puppy from yesterday. Despite his best efforts, he did not get a walk in the sub-zero temperatures, so he was a lazy pup all day long. I promise he will get a walk today. Later. It’s supposed to warm up a bit by this afternoon. Here’s hoping. Really I should be making myself a Polar Vortex hat this morning!IMG_1108

5 thoughts on “What’s On My Needles Today?

  1. So nice to have a project that goes quickly and turns out so pretty! And, yes, I, for one, would wear brown boot cuffs with brown boots but I am well known for my lack of verve and panache!

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