Never too busy for hats

This last weekend was full of physical labor, so very little yarning got done. We’re so close to being done with our flagstone patio, which we’re doing all by ourselves and I can’t wait to show off, but it meant that I spent Saturday shoveling sand and Sunday laying stones. But late last week and during the evenings the last few days, I did manage to work up a few more hats for the craft fair next month. I used up the last of my purple Caron for three more Princess Anna hoods, and I got one newsboy done. I want to do a matching doll newsboy with the last of the variegated yard. That might be all I get done before the show, and that’s okay. IMG_2960 IMG_2963 IMG_2968I did these hoods plain, no flowers, because that’s what Anna’s hood actually looks like. (And because the embroidery and sewing on of flowers was too time-consuming.)

Hopefully the patio doesn’t distract me too much, because I’d still like to get a few more hats done!

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