That’s it, then

When I came home from work Tuesday night, I thought having the next five days off sounded like such a long time. But now I’m in the last day and guess what, it was not that long! The dinners are done, the girl is gone, and I go back to work tomorrow, alas. But all is not lost because it is December, the Christmas decorations are up, the girl will be back for winter break in about two weeks, and I still have the rest of the day to knit! The temptation to start something new for me is strong, but I will probably be good and work on my gift socks. I’ve got two pairs in the works.

img_6208The left is Treasure Goddess sock yarn, and the right is Berroco Vintage worsted. It’s for a work gift exchange. They chose a sock theme and of course I had to make socks! But I don’t have time to make actual sock-weight socks, so I’m doing a nice cozy bed sock or house sock or whatever you want to call it. I finished the first one in about four days — I’d forgotten how quickly worsted weight socks knit up! The pattern for that one is Arinn and it’s a simple rib. I also finished a cowl but it’s a test knit so I’m going to save that one for when the pattern is live and I have some prettier photos.

Oh, but I also need to make another Santa hat! Guess I better get to knitting!


Black Friday Treasures

Yes, I did go shopping on Black Friday, but not in the mainstream crazy way. Instead we made our annual jaunt to Weston, Missouri, a small town with charming little shops and Father Christmas. The MIL went with us, as did the boy’s girlfriend (shh, I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about that or not!) so we had a big jolly group. We met dogs and bought things and had fudge and hot chocolate and it was a lovely day.


(Just to clarify, that’s the girl in the photo here, not the girlfriend. I don’t think the girlfriend is at the blogging stage yet.) I found yarn plus a beautiful dip pen from the 1880s with a gold nib and a mother of pearl body. I don’t know that I’ll ever actually write with it but I love having a bit of pen history in my collection.

Tonight we’re hosting the mother and the sister for a small Thanksgiving, Part II before the girl has to go back to college tomorrow. I don’t really cook so I’ll be doing a bit of cleaning, plus the laundry I’ve been neglecting, and then I’ll do some knitting.

dfafe083-8358-4ad0-aa62-84283a7a4c2fThis is the KnitPicks Santa Hat, a free pattern, and I even used the recommended yarn! It came out a tad smaller than I wanted, so I think I need to make a second one.

Happy Holidays, friends!

Spring Rain

It’s a holiday week and my girl is home and I think I might take the day off tomorrow to decorate and be home with my kids and it feels really good to have a happy head space! Plus, I have a beautiful new shawl to share with you!


This is Spring Rain, which I started a couple of months ago. I had a little hiccup in the middle of the last lace section but it recovered nicely and I think it’s gorgeous. And I learned that putting stitch markers between lace repeats is extremely helpful!

The green is Madelinetosh Twist Light in Seaglass and it’s even more stunning in person. It’s vivid and saturated and a little darker than in these photos. I don’t even wear a lot of green but I love this color so much. The other yarn I got from a mystery destash and I have no idea what brand it is, but it coordinated perfectly with the Seaglass!


Happy Tuesday, friends — hope the Thanksgiving planning is going smoothly for you!


Cactus is NOT done

He really was done, and very cute. And then last night I went to a book signing and the boy forgot I wasn’t going to be home so he didn’t lock up the dogs when he went to band practice. (You can see where this is going, can’t you?)


Yes, alas, Duncan strikes again. The silver lining is that it’s just the one piece that’s damaged, and it’s even the smallest piece. I should be able to remove that, attach a new one, and even save the flower. I guess that will be added to my weekend knitting! Sigh. Dogs. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them!

Cactus is done!

Okay, mostly done. He needs his prickles and a flower pot, but the tricky part is done. I stuffed and sewed last night, which is never my favorite part of making tiny cute things. I’m not convinced I stuffed the main cactus body firmly enough but whatever. He’s fine. He even got two cute little flowers.

img_6071Yesterday was also a really good mail day! I had some credit in my Loopy Ewe reward account that was due to expire, plus I had enough points to get 25% off one skein of yarn. I chose a colorful skein of sock yarn from Western Sky Knits because I feel like I’m running low on fun sock yarn, mostly because every time I get some, I knit it. It’s a good habit to have, I think. Anyway, it arrived yesterday and it’s so pretty!


But wait, there’s more! I have no idea how this happened but I also got some “Loopy Groupies” goodies! I got the cutest little printed canvas bag and FREE YARN!


I was an unofficial Loopy groupie before; it’s nice to make it official! Brown and green aren’t really my colors but I’m not about to turn down free sock yarn. These will become gift socks for someone, I just have to figure out who!

WIP Wednesday: Cactus

After a few nights, I have all the pieces of my gift cactus knit. They’re small, simple seed stitch tubes, so super fast to knit. Now I just need to stuff and sew together! And maybe add a tiny flower or two. Then I’ll add some straight pins for the thorns or needles or whatever those prickly things are called on a cactus.

img_6064It’s a good thing this one is going quickly because for some bizarre reason I thought it would be fun to do a test knit. Now. Right before the holidays when I’ve also decided to do another Christmas gift knit. And also I got the pattern this morning and it has tiny cables. Of COURSE it does. Sigh. Where’s my brain these days? But it’s a DK weight cowl, and I just bought a gorgeous skein of DK, so it’ll be fine. Just fine. Everything’s fine!

Happy Wednesday, friends! The weekend is in sight!

Keep the party going!

You would think that I would get a lot done during a crafting weekend. I certainly thought I would. I packed six projects plus my journal plus my computer. Now, my portion of the “weekend” was only about 24 hours, and part of that was spent at the yarn store, so maybe I can justify why all I did was finish a sock and work a few inches on my purple Boxy. But the upside is that I had so much yarn energy built up that I came home and cast on three new projects!

img_6046You can probably tell that the top two are new socks. The bottom one will be a cactus, which I’m making for my work white elephant gift exchange. It will get a flower pot and everything.

I also snuggled with dogs a lot yesterday. Jack was offended that he was not invited to my getaway. I told him maybe next time.

Happy Monday, friends. Hope it’s a good one. At least as good as Monday can be.