FO: Simple Cowl

I snuck out into the gray, overcast morning to get some photos of my newest FO, a simple stockinette cowl I finished yesterday. It’s not getting blocked. Sure, it might could use the bath, but whatever. I’m a rebel these days. (Okay not really I’m following all the pandemic rules to the letter which means I need some freedom in other areas, all right??)

The yarn is from Alexandra the Art of Yarn…wait…no, I’m looking at that yarn on Ravelry and this totally is not the yarn I put into my project page. What the heck. This is not a fingering weight and the colorway is not Purple Rain and I have NO IDEA what yarn this is. Crap. I have no idea if I messed up when I created the project page, or if it came home with the wrong label. Oh well, it’s pretty yarn that makes me think of Maleficent and it’s a lovely simple cowl that was comforting to knit and will be comforting to wear.

Edited to add: I found it!! It’s Hummingbird Moon Super Moon Worsted Weight in Dark Queen! And it’s 100% superwash merino and it’s nice and smooth and soft.

4AC9C326-E454-4F92-9462-61AC8F28F5FBSigh Whatever. Happy Saturday, friends. I hope you’re not freaking out about not being able to sew well enough to make masks or about possibly never being able to find chicken breasts at the grocery store ever again or whether your kid at college will be able to pay their living expenses. It’s not fun. I’m gonna go knit now.

FO Friday: Socks

These socks actually got done two days ago, but I forgot to post until today. These are plain vanilla socks, with yarn from Old Rusted Chair in the color Devil’s Details. Love the yarn, loved knitting such simple socks. I finished them one night while watching a movie and immediately put them on because my feet were cold. I might have worn them for the next 36 hours.

They are good socks. The other photo is what happens when I sit down to try to take a picture of my feet: I get “helpers”!

I have one more WIP on the verge of becoming a FO, and I’ve got the second worsted sock in progress too. I’m hoping to get lots of knitting done this weekend; how about you?

Wonderful Worsted

Have you ever made socks with worsted weight yarn? I hadn’t, but I cast one on last night after work and by bedtime I was past the gusset! And not only is it super fast, it’s thick and squishy too. The yarn is Mountain Meadow Wool Tweed Worsted, and I’m using Agate for the body and Pumice for the cuff and toe. It might not be the softest yarn against my face, but I think it will make fantastic boot socks.


I might even make some for the boy to wear with his Doc Martens, if I can manage making socks for man-sized feet. They do take a long time, but then again, as fast as worsted weight socks go, maybe it would be fine!

More yarn showed up in my mailbox the other day. I swear, having good reasons to buy yarn is definitely a silver lining to this whole mess. These beauties came from Yarn Cafe Creations and helped pay to repair their water well. I felt good helping and I got yarn!


The two on the left will be a future shawl of some sort, and the one on the left will become socks, probably as soon as I finish my worsted socks!

I’m so glad I’ve got my knitting mojo back and will enjoy it as long as it decides to stay. I’ve also been rewatching the Twilight movies and just having something so familiar that I love so much has been really comforting. I’m thinking I’ll move on to the Harry Potter series when I’m done with Twilight. What are you finding brings you the most comfort these days?

It’s back…I think

My knitting mojo seems to have returned (knocks on wood). I don’t know if it’s connected to finishing the puzzle and needing something else to occupy me, or if it’s coincidental, but I spent quite a while yesterday working on my Bonny Lass shawl and she’s growing nicely. I’m on Chart five of eight now.

img_7432The yellow strand is my lifeline, which I have been using faithfully and makes me feel more secure. Now watch, the one time I have a lifeline, I won’t mess up and need it! Actually, that would be great. This pattern is pure lace and I have no desire to tink or frog any of it.

It was a good weekend overall, really. Got some much-needed cleaning done, spent some time outside, got some knitting done, watched some Twilight movies for comfort, and the husband made bread for the first time. It was delicious, and made enough for pizza crust too. I have to say, there are some things about this enforced time at home that are not all bad. I mean, it sucks that we have to worry about whether we should use up our flour or milk on baked goods, but it’s lovely that we’re taking the time to do that baking, and it’s probably good for us to learn to appreciate what we have. I am very very lucky. I have a large, unopened bag of flour, three gallons of milk, and probably 20 rolls of toilet paper. (Don’t fret: we shop at Sam’s regularly. I had bought a package shortly before the pandemic started. I’m not a hoarder.) The boy is feeling restless and bored but oh, he’s being so patient and understanding about everything. He gets it, gets why it’s necessary, and he’s making the best of a hard situation. I’m so proud of him right now.

I am lucky, and if it weren’t for the background worries of infection and recession and deaths, I might be pretty content with this peaceful life at home. Maybe it just bodes well for retirement!

c528e6aa-b9a1-4f3f-ad56-2796ef74a0f2Happy Monday, friends. Hope it’s a good one for you.

Still not much knitting

My knitting mojo has been on hiatus this past week, which is weird and strange since it’s a habit that I seek for comfort at other times. But I’ve had the urge a little bit this weekend so I’m crossing my fingers that I’m getting back into the swing of things. Since I haven’t been knitting, I’ve been hard at work at my darn gray/black puzzle and I’m happy to say it’s done and the glue is drying as I type!

Now I just need to order a frame and this one will be off the table and onto my wall. I’ve ordered some more puzzles, more colorful ones this time.

We’ve had gorgeous spring weather this weekend; hope you have too, and are getting to enjoy it!

Not a stitch

There was no knitting yesterday. Crazy, right? We’re working from home, I have so much time, I should be knitting up a storm! Wait, no, there is no “should be” anything right now, so let’s say, you’d think I’d be knitting up a storm. Instead, I spent most of my free time yesterday working on this:

img_7396WHY I thought this would be a fun puzzle, I don’t know! There are so many black pieces and shades of gray and I despair of ever finishing it, but I’m just stubborn enough to do it, if for no other reason than to allow myself to buy a more colorful puzzle.

Today we have sunshine and it’s almost Friday and it was another happy mail day at my house. This is the last of my stress-purchase yarn but it’s all so GOOD:

On the left are two skeins from Orange Jellyfish Dream. The bright multicolored is sock yarn and the purple/gray was a discounted OOAK skein of fingering weight, so maybe a shawl? On the right are four skeins of SoLo, a fingering weight merino from LoloDidIt, that will become an Olive Pink shawl. Maybe I’ll get some knitting done tonight, who knows!

WIP Wednesday: Bonny Lass

I know it’s Wednesday because Blogville tells me so, with other WIP Wednesday posts! I wasted no time in winding my beautiful Bonny Lass yarn from Kitty Pride Fibers last night. I’d already done some pattern hunting while I waited for the yarn to arrive so I just had to make my final pick. I knew I wanted lace, and I felt like it needed to be a classic half-circle shawl shape. I ended up choosing Dowland and cast on last night.

This will definitely NOT be a watching TV kind of project, and in fact, might be the first project where I faithfully use lifelines! I’m about to start chart two of eight, and I’m thinking the first lifeline will go in at the end of chart two, just to be safe. Do you use lifelines for all your lace projects?