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Headbands for Runners

Not that long ago, I mentioned that I was partnering with a runner/blogger about my knitted headbands. I sent her two headbands knit with Berroco Borealis, accessorized with a crocheted flower, and told her to keep one to try and use the other one as a giveaway on her blog. Well, today her review is up and thank goodness it’s positive! Apparently she loves it! Please, take a moment and check it out on her blog at The Everyday Warrior.

You’re back? Good. I hope you take the time to peruse her blog a little bit. She’s passionate about living a healthy, badass life, and while I’m not a runner, I definitely admire her commitment and positive attitude. And I love that my little headbands can give her, and other runners, a little bit of pizzazz! Now I need to knit some that are less traditional and more…badass. Hmmm. What would that be, exactly?IMG_3760

Making friends with a crochet celebrity

Guys, the coolest thing happened yesterday! Who here is familiar with the Petals to Picots website? Yeah, like all of you, right? Well, yesterday I opened up Ravelry and found a message from Kara asking permission to use one of my photos on her pattern page. WHAAAT? Well, of course I said yes. I replied and thanked her, told her I was flattered because she rocks, and she replied to me and said “So do you!” Ha! How do you like them apples?? At least briefly, a yarny celebrity knew who I was. If you want to see it, look at her Santa Knit Gift Card holder pattern here. If she ever takes it off, I’ll be crushed.

Okay, so back to actual yarn usage. I began and finished TWO projects yesterday! I needed some instant gratification, so I got out my crochet hook and made a simple little baby brown bear hat. And once it was done I realized I need to make one in black for mouse ears.IMG_1287In the afternoon, I cast on for a headband. I’ve got a little promotion deal I’m working out with another blogger. She’s a runner, and she’s going to test out my headband and if she likes it, maybe share some good things about it on her blog for other runners to see, plus do a giveaway contest! Pretty nifty, huh? So I’ve got those two made up and ready to ship off to her this morning. I’ll share more details when she’s ready to write her review.IMG_3285IMG_3288IMG_3753 IMG_3767I need to get a listing for these on Etsy so I’ll be ready to accept orders when they come flooding in (haha). And I need to do it quick, because this afternoon I’m going to the Kansas City Royals Fanfest! I’ll get to see some of the players, but I don’t know that I’ll stand in any autograph lines. Just going will be cool enough, I think. What about you? Anybody else have cool plans for this weekend?

Hot Pink Headband

Like most crafters, I’m sure, I have several holiday gifts I need to finish (or start). I keep my list handy and the necessary yarns in a bag near the couch. I’ve made it very easy for myself. So yesterday, I made…something completely different. I’d found a wool/acrylic yarn that I think will make great headbands, especially for runners, and I bought a skein in hot neon pink. How can a girl resist that? I couldn’t.

I made a fabulous flower out of some light turquoise cotton and gave it a wild button, and it’s ready for some wild woman! Find it here!

Now that I got that out of my system, I can go back to my regularly scheduled knitting. I have one more order to fill, a cute little boy hat, and then it’s all gifts all the time! How are you doing on your holiday crafting?

Wonder Woman makes an appearance: Knitted Earwarmers

I have a craft show this weekend! It’s the last one of the year for me, and I’m trying to get some quick little projects done. I’d love to have some extra gift money (who wouldn’t, right?). Headbands/earwarmers seem to be popular at every show, and they’re so fast to make, plus they’re great for using up leftover yarn. So that’s what I’ve been doing the last couple of days, and here’s what I’ve gotten done.IMG_3189 IMG_3192 IMG_3196 IMG_3197They’re all made with Lion Brand Hometown USA, and they’re stretchy enough to fit a wide range of head sizes. The burgundy isn’t cinched just because I ran out of yarn, and I figured maybe someone would like the simpler look. I saved the best for last, though: today I made a Wonder Woman tiara!IMG_3185 IMG_3186 IMG_3187It’s just a seed stitch rectangle with a series of increases and decreases for the point, and a crocheted star sewn on. Love this one! If it sells, I’ll make myself one, and if it doesn’t, I might keep it!

I have enough yarn left to make maybe two more headbands, and then I really need to focus on orders and Christmas gifts. Are you feeling the panic like I’m starting to?

Over the Rainbow to the Craft Fair

Everything is ready…I think. Craft fair in two days and all my inventory is priced and bagged and packed up. I’ve got my hat stands, mannequin and cash box. I have tablecloths and business cards. I have a haircut appointment tomorrow and I’ll stop for cash for the change box afterward. Yesterday I finished up the last two pieces and it felt good. It was a relief to be done. I love doing these shows, love selling things, but the pressure I put on myself to MAKE ALL THE THINGS is exhausting. So I’m done. Until the next show, of course. Anyway, here’s what I finished yesterday.

IMG_3078 IMG_3080This is the Handspun Headband. It was kind of a special request, and I used some of my last skein of multicolored Berroco Borealis for it. (It was hard. I love that yarn. But I also love how it looks knitted up.) I modified the pattern a bit, made it wider. The button is lime-green, a fun splash of color that will mostly be hidden in the back. The flower is done in the same yarn, also be request, so it’ll be more versatile. The flower does pop more in person than you can see in the photo.

I also finished the hat I started with my rainbow Mochi the other day. I used the Regular Guy Beanie pattern but didn’t want to make a hat for an adult male. So instead of 84, I cast on 80. It came out a lot smaller than I expected, especially since I was using Aran-weight yarn (like the pattern) and size 6 needles (like the pattern). I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn, so I skipped some of the all-knit rounds between decrease rounds, and I’m glad I did. I think the hat is plenty tall enough as it is. Plus I had enough yarn left over for a pompom, and what toddler hat is complete without a pompom?

IMG_5141 IMG_3076Love this hat. Want one for myself now. Must sell enough at craft fair to buy more rainbow Mochi yarn!

So that’s all the craft fair crafting! From now on, all my yarny adventures will be for Christmas presents and special orders. I have four presents completed and…a lot more to make. How many are left on your holiday-knitting list?

A Wild & Woolly Weekend

Busy, busy weekend! Saturday was Homecoming for my freshman daughter, and since she’s in marching band it meant we started off the day with a parade. Who doesn’t love a parade? It wasn’t too big, just the band, the Homecoming court, and a few other floats, but since I only cared about the band I was happy. We took my niece with us, so she and my 11yo son were happiest about the candy they were throwing. The boy noticed that his cute 7yo cousin was getting more candy than he was; that’s a rough lesson to learn but he handled it well.



See that pretty girl grinning? She’s mine.

We had a brief respite after that, then it was time for the football game. We had to be there to watch the band do the anthem and the fight song, and then we had to sit through the *entire* football game. Because of all the Homecoming festivities at halftime, the band wasn’t doing their show until after the game. Have I mentioned I am not a football fan? It was a long game and our team lost 42-7, but at least I made a lot of progress on a hat order. And the band show was great! Definitely worth waiting for.

Mine is the grinning one again.

Mine is the grinning one again.

Finally, that night we had the Homecoming dance, her first high school dance. I thought she cleaned up quite well. She did go with a boy, but they’re just friends. (Whew!)IMG_3058You’d think that’d be enough for one weekend but not for us! We had four tickets to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival from a silent auction, and this was the penultimate weekend for it. The weather was perfect and the day was unscheduled, so it seemed like a good time to go. Everyone else thought so too: the place was packed! But we had a great time wandering around, admiring the jewelry, woodcrafts and fiber arts. We played with chain mail, and of course the boys had to try it on. IMG_5117We stopped and watched a couple of shows, interacted with wandering cast members, and of course did some shopping. The best part for me came toward the end, when we found a pottery booth near the exit. We’d missed it in all our wanderings but my eye was caught by some gorgeous two-tone purple mugs. I had it in my hand, ready to buy, when I saw…a YARN BOWL. A PURPLE YARN BOWL. Decision made, yarn bowl is mine, I went home happy. IMG_3063OH! I almost forgot! I saw the coolest thing too! There was a booth with several ladies demonstrating spinning, and I admired them with their wheels, but it wasn’t anything new. Then I saw another woman spinning with what looked like a wooden toy top, and it was AMAZING. Apparently there are these things called drop spindles that I’ve never heard of because I’m not a spinner (yet?). It was fascinating to watch her and it looked so much easier and approachable than the big scary spinning wheels. I can actually see myself getting into spinning that way…if I can get my woodworking husband to make me a nifty drop spindle, maybe.

I even managed to get a couple of projects finished this weekend. The hat I finished during baseball games (GO ROYALS! TAKE THE CROWN!!) and the earwarmer I finished in the car coming home from the Ren Fest. IMG_3064IMG_3066So now it’s Monday, everyone’s back at school and work, and I have the house to myself. As tempting as it is to go back to bed, I have work to do. I want to make a couple more things before the craft fair this weekend to add to my inventory. I think I’m going to brew another pot of tea and curl up with some yarn and TV. What’s on your agenda this marvelous Monday?

Itching to Knit Some Gifts

The poison ivy was not just two little spots. It is now several spots up and down my inner arm. There’s even one on the inside of my upper arm, right where it brushes against my shirt and itches and itches and itches. My mom recommended wiping it with a rubbing alcohol/water mix to neutralize the poison, so I’ve done that, but it doesn’t seem to do anything for the itch. So far I’m relying on calamine and it’s helping. I’d like to not have to go the steroid route like I have every other time I get this stupid stuff.

The Doctor Who tote bag has gone to its new home and the teacher seemed thrilled to receive it. She even said I was an “artist!” Not really, but it’s nice to hear! It’s fun to make things for people, especially when they’re not expecting it. In that vein, I decided to make a gift for a friend of mine. I’ve had a lot of struggles the last three years, and this friend has been wonderful. She is supportive, kind, and encouraging. She’s a great listener and offers smart, objective advice. I don’t see her as often as I’d like, but I enjoy it every time I do. She loves the Kansas City Chiefs, and has season tickets, so I decided I’d give her something to help her stay warm. She doesn’t strike me as a hat person, so I picked out an earwarmer pattern first.IMG_4847

It’s simple yet has a few details that make it interesting, and it lent itself well to the striping of the Chiefs colors. The first time I tried to do the red purl row, it looked weird. Not sure how to describe it, but just doing one row of red didn’t give the effect I wanted. So I frogged back, picked up the red a row earlier, and knit one row, purled a row, and knit a row before going back to the gold.  This was a lovely quick knit.

Fingerless gloves were next. I picked a pattern I’ve used before with success. They’re called Vancouver Specials: Half-Mitts and they’re just a basic mitt with ribbed cuffs. My first attempt, using the size small, was too snug, so I started over with the medium, and I think they’ll be perfect. Unfortunately, I realized as I was binding off that I forgot to pick the red back up for the top ribbed edge like I intended. I think I’ll just make the other glove in reverse colors: a gold cuff with red body. IMG_4848

These were done with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky. It’s my first experience with Knit Picks yarn, and I was pleased with how it knit and how the finished project feels. The wool isn’t terribly soft, but not terribly itchy either. I’d love to do some felting with this yarn next!