A Wild & Woolly Weekend

Busy, busy weekend! Saturday was Homecoming for my freshman daughter, and since she’s in marching band it meant we started off the day with a parade. Who doesn’t love a parade? It wasn’t too big, just the band, the Homecoming court, and a few other floats, but since I only cared about the band I was happy. We took my niece with us, so she and my 11yo son were happiest about the candy they were throwing. The boy noticed that his cute 7yo cousin was getting more candy than he was; that’s a rough lesson to learn but he handled it well.



See that pretty girl grinning? She’s mine.

We had a brief respite after that, then it was time for the football game. We had to be there to watch the band do the anthem and the fight song, and then we had to sit through the *entire* football game. Because of all the Homecoming festivities at halftime, the band wasn’t doing their show until after the game. Have I mentioned I am not a football fan? It was a long game and our team lost 42-7, but at least I made a lot of progress on a hat order. And the band show was great! Definitely worth waiting for.

Mine is the grinning one again.

Mine is the grinning one again.

Finally, that night we had the Homecoming dance, her first high school dance. I thought she cleaned up quite well. She did go with a boy, but they’re just friends. (Whew!)IMG_3058You’d think that’d be enough for one weekend but not for us! We had four tickets to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival from a silent auction, and this was the penultimate weekend for it. The weather was perfect and the day was unscheduled, so it seemed like a good time to go. Everyone else thought so too: the place was packed! But we had a great time wandering around, admiring the jewelry, woodcrafts and fiber arts. We played with chain mail, and of course the boys had to try it on. IMG_5117We stopped and watched a couple of shows, interacted with wandering cast members, and of course did some shopping. The best part for me came toward the end, when we found a pottery booth near the exit. We’d missed it in all our wanderings but my eye was caught by some gorgeous two-tone purple mugs. I had it in my hand, ready to buy, when I saw…a YARN BOWL. A PURPLE YARN BOWL. Decision made, yarn bowl is mine, I went home happy. IMG_3063OH! I almost forgot! I saw the coolest thing too! There was a booth with several ladies demonstrating spinning, and I admired them with their wheels, but it wasn’t anything new. Then I saw another woman spinning with what looked like a wooden toy top, and it was AMAZING. Apparently there are these things called drop spindles that I’ve never heard of because I’m not a spinner (yet?). It was fascinating to watch her and it looked so much easier and approachable than the big scary spinning wheels. I can actually see myself getting into spinning that way…if I can get my woodworking husband to make me a nifty drop spindle, maybe.

I even managed to get a couple of projects finished this weekend. The hat I finished during baseball games (GO ROYALS! TAKE THE CROWN!!) and the earwarmer I finished in the car coming home from the Ren Fest. IMG_3064IMG_3066So now it’s Monday, everyone’s back at school and work, and I have the house to myself. As tempting as it is to go back to bed, I have work to do. I want to make a couple more things before the craft fair this weekend to add to my inventory. I think I’m going to brew another pot of tea and curl up with some yarn and TV. What’s on your agenda this marvelous Monday?

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