Wonder Woman makes an appearance: Knitted Earwarmers

I have a craft show this weekend! It’s the last one of the year for me, and I’m trying to get some quick little projects done. I’d love to have some extra gift money (who wouldn’t, right?). Headbands/earwarmers seem to be popular at every show, and they’re so fast to make, plus they’re great for using up leftover yarn. So that’s what I’ve been doing the last couple of days, and here’s what I’ve gotten done.IMG_3189 IMG_3192 IMG_3196 IMG_3197They’re all made with Lion Brand Hometown USA, and they’re stretchy enough to fit a wide range of head sizes. The burgundy isn’t cinched just because I ran out of yarn, and I figured maybe someone would like the simpler look. I saved the best for last, though: today I made a Wonder Woman tiara!IMG_3185 IMG_3186 IMG_3187It’s just a seed stitch rectangle with a series of increases and decreases for the point, and a crocheted star sewn on. Love this one! If it sells, I’ll make myself one, and if it doesn’t, I might keep it!

I have enough yarn left to make maybe two more headbands, and then I really need to focus on orders and Christmas gifts. Are you feeling the panic like I’m starting to?

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