Over the Rainbow to the Craft Fair

Everything is ready…I think. Craft fair in two days and all my inventory is priced and bagged and packed up. I’ve got my hat stands, mannequin and cash box. I have tablecloths and business cards. I have a haircut appointment tomorrow and I’ll stop for cash for the change box afterward. Yesterday I finished up the last two pieces and it felt good. It was a relief to be done. I love doing these shows, love selling things, but the pressure I put on myself to MAKE ALL THE THINGS is exhausting. So I’m done. Until the next show, of course. Anyway, here’s what I finished yesterday.

IMG_3078 IMG_3080This is the Handspun Headband. It was kind of a special request, and I used some of my last skein of multicolored Berroco Borealis for it. (It was hard. I love that yarn. But I also love how it looks knitted up.) I modified the pattern a bit, made it wider. The button is lime-green, a fun splash of color that will mostly be hidden in the back. The flower is done in the same yarn, also be request, so it’ll be more versatile. The flower does pop more in person than you can see in the photo.

I also finished the hat I started with my rainbow Mochi the other day. I used the Regular Guy Beanie pattern but didn’t want to make a hat for an adult male. So instead of 84, I cast on 80. It came out a lot smaller than I expected, especially since I was using Aran-weight yarn (like the pattern) and size 6 needles (like the pattern). I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn, so I skipped some of the all-knit rounds between decrease rounds, and I’m glad I did. I think the hat is plenty tall enough as it is. Plus I had enough yarn left over for a pompom, and what toddler hat is complete without a pompom?

IMG_5141 IMG_3076Love this hat. Want one for myself now. Must sell enough at craft fair to buy more rainbow Mochi yarn!

So that’s all the craft fair crafting! From now on, all my yarny adventures will be for Christmas presents and special orders. I have four presents completed and…a lot more to make. How many are left on your holiday-knitting list?

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