One Gray Glove

My knitting life has become a bit boring of late, I’m afraid! I haven’t been working on exciting projects for myself in quite a while. I’m making progress on the commissioned Mermaid Blanket; it’s my top yarn priority right now. IMG_5997I’m loving this color combination, and so far it’s working up very quickly. I’m using this pattern and I’m still in the easy flat portion of the afghan. I had to take a break though, for an Etsy order of two Yoda hats! Hooray! I do love getting Etsy orders…but I’m also getting pretty tired of Yoda hats. They were quick, though, and last night during the girl’s band concert I finished another fingerless glove. IMG_6010These are great travel projects, so I keep them in a bag and work on the mermaid while I’m at home.

And that’s all the yarn stuff, can you believe it? There’s always a lot going on in late April and May when you’ve got kids, especially teenage kids involved in lots of activities. So I’m doing plenty of driving around and looking forward to the day when the girl gets her driver’s license. And also not looking forward to it, too, you know? Thankfully, the puppies have been good too…except for wanting to lay on the back of the couch. (They’re not allowed up there, but it doesn’t seem to stop the naughty girl pup.) IMG_5998Yep, I got her down as soon as I took the photo. Do I think she gets up there whenever we’re gone? Yep, I’m sure she does!

15 thoughts on “One Gray Glove

  1. Wow! Finally it is spring and you really have the discipline to work on gloves and mittens? Respect!

    • LOL thanks. What do “normal” knitters work on this time of year? The blanket will only last until it gets really hot…but I don’t get paid for it until it’s done, so that’s a good motivator! 😀

      • No idea what normal knitters do 😀
        I usually go for something lighter, maybe more lacy. But actually I just put knitting aside for something else like dyeing or tablet weaving 🙂

      • Haha, maybe there are no normal knitters! I haven’t let myself try dyeing yet–I’m afraid to get addicted to another yarn habit!

  2. Cute glove and I love the colors of your mermaids blanket. I saw one on pinterest the other day that was a slice of pizza. So tempting… My Son would love it.

    I’d love to set motion sensing cameras with night vision. I bet it would be a good laugh

    • Oh, pizza would be awesome…except for adding all the toppings. I’ll have to look for that.
      I think the cameras would be better when we’re all gone. At night, the naughty girl puppy sleeps with my daughter and she’s a good sleeper. It’s daytime that she’s trouble! Yep, I need a nanny cam.

  3. You sure have been busy ! They’re all really lovely.
    I also like your sweet knitting buddies !

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