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Bonus FO: The Mermaid

Hip Hip Hooray! I finished the mermaid last night! Of course I had to have the puppy model for me. The girl was the photographer since we had to move fast. IMG_6267

As cute as that is, it doesn’t show the blanket that well. Here’s a better shot.


I used this Mermaid Tail afghan pattern (free, and has a video too) and my only quibble was that I think it decreased too quickly at the bottom. Other than that, it was simple to make and looks great. The yarn is Big Twist Value Solids. For the medium adult size (fitting around 5′ 7″) I used almost 1300 yards in Medium Teal and about 370 yards in Light Teal.

The other fun thing from yesterday was a movie date with the kids. IMG_6262We saw Alice Through the Looking Glass in 3D. Fun movie, not as good as the first of course, but I did enjoy seeing Alice and the Hatter again. I don’t think the 3D was worth the extra cost, though.

That’s all for today, kids. Let’s see what kind of trouble I can get into today!

Finished Object Friday: The Rainbow

I’m officially over the Rainbow scarf: I finished it yesterday afternoon! IMG_6244IMG_6257I’m quite pleased with it. I used a little over a skein and a half, plenty left over for a matching hat and then some. Now I just need to take some better photos outside and get it listed on Etsy!

But that’s not all! Oh no, that is not all! I also finished the body of the mermaid blanket last night! IMG_6154Grace says it smells just fine. I’ve got the tail begun and this project should be complete by the end of the day. Woohoo!

For my U.S. friends, enjoy the long weekend!

Dogs & Yarn

Weekends in May are jam-packed for us. We started with a Friday afternoon Picnic in the Park with a local weatherman and the jazz band from the girl’s high school. The weatherman always brings his dog, so it’s a pet-friendly event, and we were crazy enough to take our two. I’m not sure it was a great idea. IMG_6196Sure, Jack looks all cute and friendly, but in reality, he’s not great in a crowd. He’s protective enough that he’s uneasy with all the people and pulls hard to sniff them out. Or when he wants to greet another dog, he thinks he has to bark and act all crazy. *I* know he’s not trying to attack; I know my dog. I know his body language and barks and having seen both “on edge/aggressive” and “hey I just want to see hello”, I can tell the difference. But they don’t, and I know he sounds scary, so trying to manage him was a challenge.

IMG_6194Grace did better. She just wanted to lick all the people, play with all the dogs, and follow me when I walked away with Jack to help him calm down. So she was a bit wild, but in a friendly, non-scary way. And in her spare time, she wriggled around and ate grass. IMG_6195

IMG_6202Jack finally calmed down enough to sit on the girl’s foot and hang out in the audience…until someone walked up with a bike. Bikes freak him out, so off we went again to walk off the crazy. I think it was good practice for him, but he’ll never be a big-crowd party animal.

Saturday, the girl auditioned for the local youth symphony…IMG_6207and I finished a fingerless glove while I waited: IMG_6218

Yesterday I did two and a half hours of yard work to earn some guilt-free tennis-watching crochet time, and I worked A LOT on the mermaid blanket. It’s growing slowly and I think I’m getting very close to joining and working in the round. IMG_6217

Unfortunately, the several hours of crochet set my wrist to aching so I took a break to knit a tiny baby hat with leftover Malabrigo. I love baby hats. I want to add a button; I just need to decide which one.

Today is the last day of school, so I’m relishing my last bit of solitude. It’s likely to be a busy summer, what with driving the girl to summer school and work etc, but at least we’re not moving like we did last summer! Now I just need to find some fun, inexpensive things to do occasionally to get the boy away from his video games.

One Gray Glove

My knitting life has become a bit boring of late, I’m afraid! I haven’t been working on exciting projects for myself in quite a while. I’m making progress on the commissioned Mermaid Blanket; it’s my top yarn priority right now. IMG_5997I’m loving this color combination, and so far it’s working up very quickly. I’m using this pattern and I’m still in the easy flat portion of the afghan. I had to take a break though, for an Etsy order of two Yoda hats! Hooray! I do love getting Etsy orders…but I’m also getting pretty tired of Yoda hats. They were quick, though, and last night during the girl’s band concert I finished another fingerless glove. IMG_6010These are great travel projects, so I keep them in a bag and work on the mermaid while I’m at home.

And that’s all the yarn stuff, can you believe it? There’s always a lot going on in late April and May when you’ve got kids, especially teenage kids involved in lots of activities. So I’m doing plenty of driving around and looking forward to the day when the girl gets her driver’s license. And also not looking forward to it, too, you know? Thankfully, the puppies have been good too…except for wanting to lay on the back of the couch. (They’re not allowed up there, but it doesn’t seem to stop the naughty girl pup.) IMG_5998Yep, I got her down as soon as I took the photo. Do I think she gets up there whenever we’re gone? Yep, I’m sure she does!

Weekend Whirlwind

Oh, I don’t know, guys. This weekend was so crazy my brain is a little frazzled. I don’t think you’ll be getting a super good post today, but I’ll do my best. Saturday was the state National History Day competition here in Missouri, and the girl was there for the third time. We took a 2-hour road trip and spent half the day on the University of Missouri campus. (It’s nice. We like it. It’s on the girl’s short list for colleges.) Sadly, she didn’t make it to finals, so we hit up the best pizza in Missouri (Shakespeare’s Pizza. SO good.) before we left town. IMG_5974The hubby was kind enough to drive, so I got lots of knitting time. I made two fingerless gloves, start to finish, and got a good start on the third. I’m loving these and want to make them in all the colors. Right now I’m making gray with a hot pink stripe.IMG_5864IMG_5863At home, I started a big commission project: another mermaid blanket. It’s for a friend of a friend, and I’m trying to mimic the colors of The Little Mermaid. I’m really hoping that since this is my second, it will go more smoothly. I struggled a bit with the decreases in the tail last time. IMG_5984Oh, and see my new basket??IMG_5985So pretty! I found them at Aldi, a set of two for $8.99, and they’re perfect for my craft room.

Grace also found a book recently. I was gone, the boy was in his room, and the hubby was in the basement. I came home and found the book in the backyard. This is what was left. IMG_5870IMG_5987This dog. Oy.

Yesterday, the girl had an orchestra concert and afterward we tried a new (to us) local Italian restaurant and I managed to catch a rare photo of the boy. IMG_5983Yes, the photo quality is low but I had to move quickly. He does not allow many photos to be taken.

Today I have a rare free day, that is, if I don’t force myself to go to the grocery store. My goal is to turn on some chick flicks and make good progress on the mermaid blanket. It will work out just fine if these two don’t drive me nuts asking to go outside, then inside, then outside, then inside… IMG_5988Happy Monday, friends.

Crafting My Way to a Better Mood

Maybe whining really does help: I ended up having a pretty good day yesterday! I managed to make it up to my craft room, where I spent a lovely hour or so prepping my for craft show. I had a big pile of finished hats with no tags. So I pulled out the Sizzix, made some tags, and got them all ready to sell. IMG_4107I also had a few that needed some finishing details before I could sell them, so I gathered up the supplies I needed and worked my way downstairs. NOT the couch, the dining room, with all the sunshine. I turned on my music (Imagine Dragons. Love them.) and set to work.IMG_4101On the second Yoda hat, I ran into a snag. I’d finished an ear with a new skein of yarn and realized in the harsh light of day that it was the wrong color.IMG_4103Oops! Frogged that. I found a leftover bit of the right color, reknit the ear, and sewed it onto the hat. Bam, another Yoda hat done.IMG_4104I added a button to a hat. I didn’t have matching thread, so I used a contrasting color, and I’m quite pleased with it. As I sewed, I noticed the top of the hat was pretty cool.IMG_4105The color in the photo isn’t great; it’s a greener green than this, but you get the idea. I love it when the yarn does fun stuff like this all by itself.

By then, I’d been up for a few hours and my foot was starting to ache, so I gave in and went back to the couch. But it was good, because I finished the candy cane scarf, a holiday order that’s been hanging over me and preventing me from selfish knitting. Okay, so I messed up and made it 6″ shorter than it was supposed to be, but thankfully my customer didn’t mind. (It probably helped that I offered it at a lower price.) Jack was very happy that I was back at the couch. He needed some cuddle time.IMG_4109I’m also getting close to the end of the mermaid blanket. IMG_4098I’ve joined it to work in the round and I’m ready to decrease, then it’ll just be the fin and it’ll be done! Woohoo! Okay, it’ll be done AFTER I weave in 50 million yarn tails, but still. I’m close.

So yeah, good day yesterday. Thank goodness for yarn and puppies and helpful kids and a loving husband. And thank goodness for encouragement from all of you!