Weekend Whirlwind

Oh, I don’t know, guys. This weekend was so crazy my brain is a little frazzled. I don’t think you’ll be getting a super good post today, but I’ll do my best. Saturday was the state National History Day competition here in Missouri, and the girl was there for the third time. We took a 2-hour road trip and spent half the day on the University of Missouri campus. (It’s nice. We like it. It’s on the girl’s short list for colleges.) Sadly, she didn’t make it to finals, so we hit up the best pizza in Missouri (Shakespeare’s Pizza. SO good.) before we left town. IMG_5974The hubby was kind enough to drive, so I got lots of knitting time. I made two fingerless gloves, start to finish, and got a good start on the third. I’m loving these and want to make them in all the colors. Right now I’m making gray with a hot pink stripe.IMG_5864IMG_5863At home, I started a big commission project: another mermaid blanket. It’s for a friend of a friend, and I’m trying to mimic the colors of The Little Mermaid. I’m really hoping that since this is my second, it will go more smoothly. I struggled a bit with the decreases in the tail last time. IMG_5984Oh, and see my new basket??IMG_5985So pretty! I found them at Aldi, a set of two for $8.99, and they’re perfect for my craft room.

Grace also found a book recently. I was gone, the boy was in his room, and the hubby was in the basement. I came home and found the book in the backyard. This is what was left. IMG_5870IMG_5987This dog. Oy.

Yesterday, the girl had an orchestra concert and afterward we tried a new (to us) local Italian restaurant and I managed to catch a rare photo of the boy. IMG_5983Yes, the photo quality is low but I had to move quickly. He does not allow many photos to be taken.

Today I have a rare free day, that is, if I don’t force myself to go to the grocery store. My goal is to turn on some chick flicks and make good progress on the mermaid blanket. It will work out just fine if these two don’t drive me nuts asking to go outside, then inside, then outside, then inside… IMG_5988Happy Monday, friends.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Whirlwind

  1. Love your newest mits and your basket is really cute. Love the innocence your puppies are trying to show.

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