Getting Over Rejection

Let’s play Bad News/Good News. Which do you want first? Bad? Okay: I’ve now gotten four rejections on my memoir queries. They’ve all been very kind and gentle, but they’re still No. The first was fine, the second was disappointing for a moment, the third was a deep breath, and the fourth kicked my butt for some reason. I really was expecting this, but apparently that doesn’t make it easier. Those rejections, combined with the knowledge that memoirs are hard to sell and have to be extremely unusual and compelling, had me thinking I should scrap the current manuscript and rewrite it as fiction.

But, good news: after several days of extreme self-doubt, I feel ready to get back to work. I have more agents to query; I might as well get through the list before giving up. I had a very kind friend who offered to read my query letter and synopsis, so I’ve got some strong feedback to help me as I revise. My family is heading out for the day so I’ll have some quiet time to really focus…if I can resist the call of my knitting.

I finished the newest hat yesterday; it was a super quick one.Ā IMG_5606The pattern is called Sneaky Snakes and the easy 4-row lace pattern made a nifty squiggly pattern. There are only three decrease rounds so you definitely want to make sure you’ve got a long enough body. I like how mine ended up.IMG_5607With that done, I made some more progress on my Color Block Wrap. I’ve got the first block done, but I only made it to 65 stitches instead of 69. It’s fine, though. IMG_5608It’s delicious to knit and I’m looking forward to moving on to the second color tonight. It will be my reward for revising my query letter!

14 thoughts on “Getting Over Rejection

  1. Yes, don’t give up! As you said: you have a list and can just as well work through it. And I am sure revising your query letter will feel good once you’ve done it. Go for it!

    Oh, and I like your hat with that lacy pattern. Hope the wrap doesn’t get boring to knit being all in stockinette.

    • Thank you! šŸ™‚ Haha, it will get boring but since it’s on size 13 needles it will go quick. And I’m sure I’ll be doing plenty of quick knits at the same time when I do get bored.

  2. Good for you for trying! And not giving up! Most people don’t even get that far. I’m constantly talking about writing something someday, but am too afraid to get started I think. Also, love the hat!

  3. A sales book I read suggested to make it a goal to get 100 no’s. Gets you closer to your “yes”, and makes “no” a lot easier to hear. It’s also useful for keeping the momentum going!
    Beautiful hat!

    • 100? That’s scary! I don’t know if I can even find that many agents! šŸ˜‰ But I can see how hearing it a lot can help toughen you up so you can keep going!

      • Well, I’m certain you would not hear no 100 times anyway. You’re pretty awesome, and I imagine your book is equally awesome. You’re going to hear that precious “yes” very soon!

  4. Do you know the painter Paula Rego? Very few people liked her work in her native country, and when she arrived at the UK she got rejected by 48 galleries, and an art school. Eventually, she got accepted in one gallery and now her work is worth half a million each. So… all you need is one yes to make all the other Nos worthwhile. Good luck!

    • Wow, that’s amazing! It’s funny: one of the things that picked my spirits up was JK Rowling’s tweets about getting rejected for her post-Harry Potter books. It just underscores how crazy subjective it all is, and it’s not completely about the quality of the work–it’s about finding the right audience. Thanks for sharing this!

      • You’re welcome, glad I helped. You just have to keep reminding yourself rejection isn’t a reflection of your quality as a writer! And even J K Rowling isn’t bulletproof… šŸ˜‰

  5. Definitely don’t give up. If you’ve got a list do like you said and go through it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. You hat is such a pretty color. I’m loving the way your wrap is looking. There’s just something about it.

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