Two Hats Done, One Begun

As expected, the kids’ spring break has interrupted my knitting/writing/blogging processes, but at least there is a little bit of knitting going on. And today our calendar is empty so both children are still asleep at 9 a.m. and I am stealing the time to catch up with all of you. Of the four projects I started last weekend, two are now complete! First up is the Hot Pink Waffles. IMG_5594The pattern was written for DK, so I lowered the number of stitches to cast on with this worsted weight, but not enough. It’s a little looser than I would like, but it will do. It fits well enough on my noggin.IMG_5578The girl and I went to watch Room with my mom yesterday, and I got this hat up to the decreases while watching. It was a good movie, grim but moving, definitely wonderful performances. I still liked the book better.

I also finished the bulky ivory hat, and there’s more of a story to that one. There’s a book out called Weekend by Jen Geigley with fabulous bulky-weight patterns. I love them all. She had a sale on it recently so I splurged and bought the book, and decided the hat Sliver would be my first project. But I didn’t really like the dropped stitch “run” so I just omitted it. I had some super bulky yarn and the right size needles, and no, I didn’t test for gauge because it’s a HAT and it will fit someone and I almost always knit to gauge anyway.

Not this time. I cast for the size medium and knit away, and it looked small but I ignored it. When I picked it up yesterday to finish it, I decided to face the truth and put it on my head. It was definitely NOT a size adult medium. It was easily a child-size hat, but long. I thought about frogging and starting over with the XL, but realized I didn’t have enough yarn. So I frogged back about an inch of the body and finished off a cute little kid hat, and added a pompom because pompoms are adorable and I had exactly enough yarn left. IMG_5583Maybe I knit more tightly than Jen, maybe my “super bulky” yarn wasn’t as bulky as hers, I don’t know. But I still love the hat, and I still want to make an adult version at some point. But for now, I’m going through the book to decide which pattern I want to try next! Until I decide, I cast on for another lacy cotton slouch hat, this time in a peachy pink. IMG_5592Yesterday was National Puppy Day but I didn’t have the time to blog, so Grace and Jack will send you belated happy puppy wishes! IMG_5586IMG_5589

8 thoughts on “Two Hats Done, One Begun

  1. I’m curious about knitting with cotton – do you block it the same after you’re done with a pattern?

    As with Room… I’m so curious about the film, but I just know I’ll like the book better. Do you recommend it?

    • I mostly make hats with cotton, so no, I don’t really block them at all. I wash and lay flat to dry and they’re good to go. I’ve made a few bags with cotton and those I don’t block at all. Since cotton has less elasticity, I wouldn’t want to block it much unless I wanted it bigger anyway.

      As for Room, it was a wonderful, heartbreaking, beautiful book, and I definitely recommend it. The movie really was quite good, but I’d still say read the book first. (I always say that though!)

      • Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind for when I decide to try knitting with cotton 😊
        I’ve read Room, I loved it. I’m just wondering whether I’ll feel disappointed with the film, as is normally the case when I’ve read the book first – I hated The Ninth Gate because the book was so, so much more and so much better…

      • Oh! I misunderstood. No, you won’t be disappointed at all. Brie Larson is amazing, and the movie follows the book well. It’s just a grim story, and for some reason the dark feeling lingered longer for me with the movie than I remember from the book.

      • I guess actually seeing something makes it worse than imagining it? I can well picture the grimness, I was shocked when I found out why Room existed and it was just in words…

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