Oscar Night Hat

Last night was the Oscars, and of course I was there from the red carpet to the bitter bitter end. No, I’m not commenting on the winners. I really had no preferences. It was just bitter because by then I was so tired but didn’t want to miss any Chris Rock. The upside to a show five hours long (if you count the pre-show) is plenty of knitting time. Our warmer weather made me want a Spring-y project, so I pulled out some Lion Brand Cotton-ease and cast on for a lacy hat. IMG_5344The pattern is Lace Ribbon Slouch Hat and I’m really enjoying it. I love the zig-zag. I did switch the brim from garter stitch to ribbing, because I figure hats always need that stretch, especially one made with cotton. You’d think with that much time it would be done, but I did have to pay a little bit of attention to the lace at times, and I kept getting distracted by the show. Some parts I just had to watch. So I’ve got just one more pattern row and then the decreases. It’ll easily get done today, but not right away. I’m babysitting my newest nephew today for the first time, the one who’s cute but often cranky, and I’m really hoping he treats me well!

I also got my manuscript back from my second reader over the weekend, and she said she really enjoyed reading it. I’m choosing to believe her! But she also gave me some good feedback, so yesterday I dove back in and did a bit more revising. I’m so close to being done with this silly thing! But now I’m wondering if the beginning is too boring. I mean, if someone only asks for five pages, are mine good enough to make them want more? So I’m pondering that, trying to figure out if I can jazz up the first chapter. Still, my goal is to get it submitted to at least one agent by the end of March! yikes scary exciting am I ready for rejection?

Here’s what I found when I got up this morning. IMG_5343Yes, that’s a knife on my couch. Grace is a knife thief. Usually it’s butter knives, because she’s obsessed with butter, but we’ve gotten pretty good at keeping our sharp knives out of her reach. Last night we must have gotten lazy (I was watching the Oscars. I couldn’t leave to wash dishes. Seriously.) so sometime this morning she was probably thrilled to reach the chicken knife. She’s fine. She didn’t have it very long, and I know that because the handle hasn’t been chewed on. She’s grown up a lot but I guess she’ll never lose her love for knives.

Happy Monday, friends. Here’s hoping you don’t find any hidden knives in your house.

11 thoughts on “Oscar Night Hat

  1. I like your hat 🙂 I’d chose the ribbing too as I can’t imagine that the slouch would stay on the head without – they never stay on my head anyway.

    You tell us when you’re going to be published? You book doesn’t happen to be about a knife psycho that gets caught by a furry detective on paws?

    • Seriously?? That would be awesome! I’m at the point where having an objective reader would be really helpful, so I can get a sense of what sections might still need work. I promise, no knives involved! When you think you might have time, send me an email at bonnymoseley(at)yahoo (dot) com and I can email you a file. And thank you!

  2. I chose to watch the Walking Dead instead of the Oscars, but I did the same, I was working on sleeve. It was stockinette but sometimes I just couldn’t peel my eyes away from the screen. Your hat looks nice, it’ll be perfect for spring.

    • I’ve never seen that show, but from what I’ve heard, I imagine knitting would be difficult sometimes! Are you at the point where you can knit without looking at the needles? I’m not quite there yet, though I’m getting close with stockinette.

      • I sit cross legged and hold it open with my knee, use an e-book, or, if it’s old, it’ll stay open on it’s own. I’m a huge nerd, what can I say?

      • I love nerds! I’m one too, so if I could get to the point of doing both, it would be amazing. I wish I liked e-books better but I still enjoy real books better. Maybe I should start practicing!

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