One hat done, one hat begun

Just as I thought, the Oscar Night hat was quick to finish yesterday. I love how it turned out, except it seems a little big. IMG_5358 But this head is pretty slippery, plus it doesn’t have any hair to fill out the hat. Why not try it on a person, you say? What a novel idea! Nobody was around when I finished it, and somehow it didn’t occur to me to try it on myself. And right now it’s upstairs and I’m downstairs and it’s not worth it to go fetch it. It will fit someone, I’m sure. And it’s pretty and I had fun making it. You can find the details on the Ravelry pageIMG_5359IMG_5360You might remember I mentioned I was going to babysit my wee nephew yesterday, and I was afraid he’d be very cranky? Well, I did and he wasn’t!! Sure, he had a few fussy moments but overall we had a lovely time. He’s about 8 months old and desperately wants to be more mobile than he is, so he gets frustrated. But he seems to be warming up to me and has a perfectly charming grin.

Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this: I was weak yesterday! I was running early so I decided I needed to stop by the yarn store. Spring is coming, and I want to make lots and lot of cotton hats. Thus, I need more cotton yarn. Green yarn, I decided. A bright, cheerful grass green. I could see the yarn in my mind’s eye and it was beautiful. I pulled into the parking lot…the empty parking lot…in front of the building with dark windows…it was CLOSED. The yarn store is closed on Mondays, darn it all. Well. Saved me some money, didn’t they? Instead I came home and picked out a pretty lavender cotton from the stash and cast on with that. Jack helped.IMG_5362Speaking of Jack: he’s pretty sneaky. Both pups sleep with the girl at night, but they think they want to sleep in my bed. Every night they sneak in when I’m getting ready for bed and jump up and make themselves all cute and comfy so we won’t have the heart to kick them out. (It never works. The husband is stern in this regard.) Last night Jack jumped up and promptly claimed my pillow.IMG_5363“Dis is pillow for me, right?” Ha. Right. (Actually if it weren’t for the husband, I would let him have it. Even though I don’t sleep well with puppies in the bed either. He’s just that cute.)

Okay, sorry, back to the knitting: the hat is going swimmingly, and I have some waiting room time this morning so I should make good progress on it today. IMG_5364I’ll also be driving right by the yarn store again today. And I’m pretty sure they’re open on Tuesdays.

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