Matching Mitts

I finished the second pair of fingerless gloves yesterday; got all the ends woven in and everything. And the best part is: I have two pairs of matching mitts! I’m the worst at making two things the same size. I lose count of rows, or I go by measurement and maybe one ends up a row shorter or longer. Even with these, the two pairs don’t match. One pair is longer than the other. No idea how that happened; I really did think they’d all come out the same. BUT, at least each person will have two gloves that match.IMG_5809The 5″ DPNs were marvelous, too. Much more comfortable than the metal, and I was able to put the stitches on 4 needles instead of 3, which seemed to help a lot with laddering. And the thumbs! I can’t imagine trying to do thumbs on the 7″ needles. I’m definitely glad I got the shorter needles. But this is one more reason I shy away from socks: I’d end up with non-matching socks!

How do you guys make sure your pairs come out the exact same size?

9 thoughts on “Matching Mitts

      • Thank you! I’m quite proud of it, as it is my own pattern. But- I can’t find my notes on the pattern… (I did write it down! …somewhere…) so I haven’t mustered the willpower to read the first glove, so I can make the second one.

  1. You could either work them the same time so you can check as you go and it is easier to keep track of counting. But then: I’m not good at doing things in pairs either.
    Make it a feature to make them different 😉 Everybody has matching socks and gloves. But why actually?

  2. They’re great! I do lots of things 2-at-a-time…even sleeves, but occasionally like the feeling of dpns. I thought I was only one who liked the 5″ ones…glad to hear that great minds think alike!

    • That they do! I confess, I don’t really know how to knit things 2 at a time, but I’m wanting to learn. I just watched a video and it looks totally doable, if a bit fiddly at first.

      • It’s pretty easy! You’ll catch it, no problem. I’ve got a How to cast on two of anything video tutorial under the ‘Tutorials’ tab. If you’re local-ish, I’m teaching a 2-at-a-time toe up sock class in June…:)

      • That would be wonderful, but I don’t think I’m anything that could be considered “local-ish”, sadly–I’m in Missouri, too far to drive. But I’ll definitely check out your tutorials! Thanks!

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