The Color Purple

What did I do with my busy busy day yesterday? Well, not knit, that’s for sure! Nope, I spent the day with my MIL, aka my favorite hairdresser, and emerged with a new hairdo! I thought about waiting to post until I could get a “better” photo, i.e. one with makeup and a nicer shirt and a better background, and then I thought, nah. This is me. This is what I look like on a regular basis. It is what it is. So without further ado, voila: IMG_5803If you’re wondering WHY the heck I would dye my hair purple, read this post from a couple of years ago. I loved my purple hair, truly. The only reason I went back to “normal” hair is that I was going on a big vacation to Washington D.C. with my mom and kids, and either I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that with purple hair, or I knew my mother would rather I not have purple hair in those photos. Not sure. In any case, I missed my pretty hair and decided to do it again and this time it will stick around indefinitely. It makes me happy.

I did manage to pick up some 5″ DPNs yesterday and started another fingerless glove this morning. They’re a bit more fiddly, but they’re much more comfortable than the 7″ metal DPNs I was using. The metal hurts my fingers after an hour of knitting. And since I had a Jo-Ann coupon, it was a good buy. IMG_5806

If you could anything wild and crazy with your hair, what would you do? What’s stopping you?

16 thoughts on “The Color Purple

  1. I’ve dyed my hair cotton candy pink before. I am NOT a pink person (as I’ve said over and over), but it really did look good on me. So if I could- I would try that out again. However- I don’t think I can get away with cotton candy pink hair at my job. Or purple. Or blue. *sigh*

    • Pink would be fun too; my second choice. I’m definitely lucky that I don’t have conform to an office dress code or anything like that. Maybe someday more employers will get on board with crazy hair!

  2. Hair looks lovely. Not too bothered about changing my own hair, but really think I should become a hippy. Wanted to when I was in my teens but my Mum wouldn’t let me. She was very into colour co-ordination and therefore considered that my rather garish attempts at psychedelia sullied the family reputation!

  3. Loving the new hair! I got a hair makeover recently as well. Now I have it much shorter, and one side is really, really short. The rest I have partially bleached and at the moment is magenta pink 😀 When it fades, I’ll do blue.
    It needed to reach my 30s to realise that no one is entitled to stifle my style – I need tattoos, I need crazy hair and I need to be ME. Even my mum needs to understand (or just keep quiet, haha!)

    • Sounds fantastic! Yes, it took me about that long to find the courage to do crazy things sometimes! No tattoo (yet!) but that’s more about me than anyone else. I can’t say my mom understands, or keeps quiet, but she’s getting better, I suppose.

  4. Oh wow – your hair looks fab and it really suits you! I would love to be brave enough to try a new hair colour, I experimented a bit in my teens but it’s been the same colour for years now. Maybe when I am older I will get a blue rinse 😉

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