Boring Wrap, Green Hat

My Manos Maxima wrap is going swimmingly. I made lots of progress yesterday while I watched a movie on a wet, gray day.IMG_5502But then…I kind of got bored with it. It is a really simple pattern, after all, mostly just stockinette. (This is why I think I will never be able to make a sweater.) So I had to set it aside and do something more interesting for a while, like cast on for a new Duality hat in a pretty green Malabrigo Rios. IMG_5501This is what I got done during our viewing of Apollo 13, and there were several spots I had to stop knitting and just watch. It’s just such a good movie, you know? Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise are so good, and Ed Harris is a bit attractive, and it’s all suspenseful and funny and stuff. So yeah, it was a good Sunday. Jack agrees; he appreciated being able to rest after all the excitement of the birthday party. IMG_5497This morning I was resting on my couch with a cup of tea, appreciating the view of the magnolia tree in my front yard. We had one at the house where I grew up, so this is a lovely reminder, plus it’s just a gorgeous tree. IMG_5500I can see it from the window of my craft room too, where I sit at my desk. Just another reason why I love this house. Maybe it will inspire me today as I get back to work on query letters. I got my first rejection yesterday, a very kind form rejection, and it’s fine. I’m expecting plenty of those. I’ve got lots more agents to query, and I still haven’t searched through the new Manuscript Wishlist website yet. I think my goal will be to send out two more queries today; that seems reasonable, doesn’t it?

I hope your Monday is productive as well!

9 thoughts on “Boring Wrap, Green Hat

  1. lovely tree! As for the rejection, I guess it is to be expected, but still must be a bummer. I hope some of them will hold some constructive advice/criticism/suggestions. Your hat and wrap look pretty together. 🙂

      • that would get hard, but isn’t unheard of, I don’t think. Aren’t there tales of famous authors getting rejected dozens of times? I hope you get accepted sooner rather than later, but at the same time, just hang in there. 🙂

      • Yep, lots of them! It’s a really subjective business, and so much of this is luck, getting your work into the hands of exactly the right person who will love it. I’m still hoping. 🙂

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