Yarn Store Trickery

Funny story: so you know I went to my LYS recently, twice in two days actually. The first time, I noticed a gorgeous gradient wrap. They had two samples knit up in different colors. The second time, I asked about it, wanting the pattern. The owner said oh yes, it’s a free pattern with the purchase of the yarn…four colors at $30 a skein! Um, wow. I said that was out of my price range for now and thanked her, and she said, “Sure, and you know it’s here later.” Sure, okay. I almost asked if she’d sell me just the pattern, but figured she would have offered if it was an option.

I’m glad I didn’t, too: I went home and out of curiosity did a search on Ravelry. I found the exact same pattern…AND IT’S FREE. It’s a FREE PATTERN. I’m a little irritated. I understand kits, I understand paid patterns, and I’ve even bought yarn to get the pattern and be able to replicate a shop’s sample. (In that instance, the pattern was written by one of the shop’s employee and isn’t even available on Ravelry.) But when it’s distributed for free on Ravelry, it irks me that they’d want me to shell out $120 for it. And for the record, I spent $30 the first day and $50 the second, so it’s not like she wasn’t getting any money out of me.

So if you’re interested, check out the Pradera Wrap by Jocelyn Tunney. It’s stunning, and she’s got so many other equally beautiful patterns on her page on Ravelry. I’ve made her Picholine Hat and Springtime Picholine Hat, and I’ve got several others in mind.

In related news, yes, I did get to do some knitting yesterday. Here’s the start of my Moonstone Wrap. I started with size 17 needles and it was too loose, so I frogged and cast on 175 stitches on size 15s. I love it already. Can’t wait until it’s done, and I don’t think it’ll take too long. IMG_5490The party went well, though I did keep Jack on the leash for the first hour or so until he adjusted to having so many strangers around. He did keep my baby nephew happy: the baby laughed every time Jack barked, which was a lot. Once I let him off the leash, he did really well. He and Grace both followed me around, settling in wherever I did. IMG_5485My mom noticed and asked if they loved anyone else as much as they love me. Don’t tell my kids, but I don’t think so. They’re both my babies, even if I do have a favorite!

Now, I’m off to knit my quiet Sunday away. I must take advantage of the time I have, since I lost an hour today!

9 thoughts on “Yarn Store Trickery

  1. Yee-gads! That’s sneaky. Your knitting is coming along nicely and I’m glad to hear that your fur babies were okay with all the new people.

  2. She could have been nice and told you where to get the free pattern yourself, but she is in the business of selling yarn. If you were not buying the yarn to make the item, she is not obligated to hand out a free copy. Having worked in a yarn store, you would not believe the amount of stuff customers thought we should do for them free of charge or to our loss. It’s a tricky balance fostering customer good will while not going too far.

    • Thanks for your comment. I might very well be over-reacting. You’re totally right: she’s running a business, and she was under no obligation to give me a copy. Having worked in retail for several years, I totally would believe the stories. I’ve got plenty of my own. And finding balance is tricky. But I was trained to believe that excellent customer service is the key to success, so I have always erred on that side when in doubt, especially when it would cost me nothing and raise my customer’s opinion of my business. In her shoes, I would have told my customer where the pattern could be found, or offered to sell a copy for a small price. In any case, I’ll still shop there. They have good yarns at decent prices, plus they’re the closest LYS by quite a bit.

  3. Glad you found the pattern yourself, but with it being a free pattern I can see where it might be unethical for her to sell it. Nice start on your project, using your yarn double is giving it even more shadings.
    It’s funny to see two large dogs laying that close together, and I’m thinking at least one is also holding your foot in place, so you can’t sneak away from them 🙂 Glad you had a nice party.

    • Good point. So yeah, I’m glad I found it. 🙂
      Lol yes the black one, Grace, is a very aggressive cuddler and will use any method to keep her person in place!

  4. Funny dogs. I suppose they claim you since you get all the quality time with them on week days. My cats are that way. Your wrap is gorgeous and I bet it goes fast on those needles. Glad you found the pattern on Ravelry.

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