New Yarn. Again.

I blame it on my friend. She was going to the yarn store near me and asked if I wanted to meet her there. Well, I didn’t want to risk hurting her feelings, and I do enjoy seeing her, so it was a risk I had to take. Then, the silly yarn store worked against me by putting one of my favorite yarns on sale, 50% off! It’s Manos del Uruguay Maxima, and they even had my favorite purple shade. I knew I had two at home, so I grabbed two more with the plan of making Purl Soho’s Moonstone Wrap, holding the Maxima double. IMG_5475They also had a beautiful Herb green so I grabbed a couple of those. I mean, you have to get it when the price is this good, right? IMG_5478Now, I want you to look at the yarn below the green. It is the exact same yarn as the yarns on the right side of the green. Same color way and everything. COMPLETELY different. That’s the Maxima I was planning to use for the wrap, and having one skein so different would not work at all. I had to go back to the yarn store. Had to. No other option. Plus, the owner had mentioned they were having a yarn tasting, and that sounded fun.

So I went back this morning. The yarn tasting was actually nothing exciting, just a trunk show of new Shibui yarns, which are beautiful but more expensive than I wanted, and none of them called my name anyway. But this Berroco Fiora did, in a big way. I kept coming back to this pewter color, and ended up taking two home. IMG_5477I’ve also had the urge to make something with brown and teal, so when I saw these colors in the Fiora, they ended up in my arms too. IMG_5476It’s an interesting blend of fibers: 40% cotton, 30% viscose, 15% alpaca, 10% nylon and 5% wool, and it’s 246 yards of DK weight. The two together should make a lovely lightweight scarf; I just need to find the right pattern. But it’ll be after I do the Moonstone. That’s my next project, and I’ll be casting on this morning.

I have no knitting to show you. Today is the girl’s birthday party so I spent ALL DAY yesterday cleaning. It was horrible. But now the house is as good as it’s going to get (can you believe it’s raining? I clean the floors and of course it starts raining) and I’m going to take a couple of hours to relax with my yarn before all the people show up at my house. I just hope the puppies behave themselves. Jack has a habit of being a bit of a jerk to visitors sometimes, and not all of our guests are comfortable with dogs. I’d put him outside but he freaks out and claws the heck out of the door and barks non-stop, so that’s not a good option. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll just get the vacuum back out. He loves that! IMG_5469

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

18 thoughts on “New Yarn. Again.

      • Well… I’m about to get in trouble soon – I’m ordering a lot of yarn to dye, so I’ll have to make sure I’m good and don’t keep it to myself 😁

      • How fun! I haven’t been brave enough to start dyeing–I’m afraid it would just be another place to throw my money! Do you sell your yarns on Etsy?

      • It is highly addictive, I can tell you that 😀 I do sell them in my shop – if you’re curious, it’s 🤓

  1. Your pinkish purple might work if thrown in as a random accent, depending on your pattern? I like all the colors you’ve chosen.
    But the best is that you can vacuum your dog, and he seems to be enjoying it. When we get a new pet I can see one thing to add to it’s training list! My first dog would stand still to allow my mom to brush the snow off her with a broom 🙂

    • I could maybe use it for the attached i-cord edging! If not, it will happily become a hat. 🙂

      It’s funny, he loves the vacuum and follows me around, and the other dog is scared of it and runs the other way. Dogs are so unpredictable!

  2. I had that happen to me today too. I stopped in on my way by to talk about our fiber arts club taking a field trip there since it isn’t too far away from the school. I walked out with two skeins of super pretty sock yarn. Your colors are gorgeous! I was gifted a skein of the Maxima yarn. I haven’t knit it yet, but it feels wonderful.

  3. Now what a terrible friend you have to trick you into the yarn store ^^
    Looking at your finds I’m afraid they may now have to make a major order with their suppliers. Did they have some strands left when you left the store *lol*

    What I find really brave of you is that you then started to clean the house instead of starting a knit. But wouldn’t it be wise to clean after the visitors went home again? After all they usually make a mess and you’ll have to do it anyway then.

    • Haha! I left them a few skeins here and there. And yes, we do have to clean after the party too…but unfortunately, since I choose knitting over housework the rest of the time, the house really needed some attention before I let people come over! I at least needed to get rid of all the surplus dog fur. 🙂

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