Time for a Break

Saturday was craft show day. It was from 10-4 and it was in a more affluent part of town, with the promise of lots of shopping moms. I had a friend with me and she helped me create a more compelling table display than I’d done the last couple of shows. My hopes were high. IMG_2056Oh, and did you notice, I played with my hair again? Apparently I’m no longer a natural blond (I know, who knew?) so I’m trying to grow out all the processed stuff and find my real color. I had some leftover bleached blonde, so my fabulous hairdresser MIL gave me teal tips. Love them! Of course, my own mother’s reaction was different: “What happened to your hair??” LOL. Can’t win ’em all, right?

Anyway, yeah, I thought the table looked good. I had a selection of bags and lightweight spring hats, as well as spring mesh scarves and some cute baby hats. Too bad people decided they didn’t want to attend this show. It was slow all day long. I had three super wonderful friends from my old Coldwater Creek days show up, and that was such a treat. Plus they bought a couple of things! Other than that, I had ONE sale. Sigh. There just wasn’t much traffic. One vendor packed up and left at 1:30. But I did make table, and I had fun with my friends, so it wasn’t a complete loss.

It also clarified something for me: I’m slowing down on shows for now. It seems clear that spring/summer months are not good for the kind of things I love to make, and I don’t want to completely change my crafting outlook to cater to that. Plus, I was stressed out before these last two shows. I was worried about whether I’d have enough stuff, or whether it was the “right” stuff, and I felt guilty working on anything for myself or my family. That’s not what I want my knitting life to be, and I’m so grateful that I have the ability to step back. So for now, I’ll be knitting for fun. I’m still going to work on my Etsy shop, and I’ll still do the Etsy at the Exchange events when I can, but no more paid craft shows for now. I’m signed up for a big one in October and I might just let that be the next one.

I had another epiphany of sorts over the weekend, too. Another Creek friend, Terri, invited me to a dinner theater show, and we had a marvelous time catching up. We hadn’t talked one on one in ages, but she said she loves to follow along with what I write on Facebook so she felt like we were still close. At one point she asked me about the retail memoir I’d been working on. I’ve been working on that thing for that last four years, I think, and I keep working and leaving it and coming back and leaving again. But Terri’s question, and the fact that she’s not the only one who’s said they’d love to read it, made me realize that I’ve got something going on with this writing thing. No, I’m no literary genius. But I do love it, and I think I do connect with readers sometimes. So I’m bringing writing back into my life, more than just this blog, and I’m going to do my best to finish revising my manuscript. Maybe then I’ll be brave enough to start querying agents, or maybe I’ll just share it with friends and family. Who knows. I think for me, the process is the most important part.

Thanks for listening, friends. I know this was a more introspective post, less fun knitting talk, but I promise, there will be fun stuff in days to come. Still yarn, always yarn, but writing talk too, maybe even manuscript excerpts. And puppy photos, too. Today is Captain Jack, my furry little baseball fan. IMG_2061

16 thoughts on “Time for a Break

  1. Do you have any farmers markets in your area? I always love to walk through ours for craft ideas since they sell crafts as well.

  2. Your display is wonderful!! And, I love the blue tips! 😃

    I’m sorry that the turn out was so disappointing! You have lovely items, a beautiful display and a welcoming smile. There’s not much more you can do!!

    What a great idea about writing a retail memoir! I would definitely read it! I love what you write here on your blog. You’ve got a very relatable and honest point-of-view. I’m definitely interested in what you have to say and I hope you do it!

    • Oh, thank you so much! Kind words can make such a difference. 🙂 I have faith that craft shows in cooler weather will be my friend.

      Your encouragement definitely helps the writing too! The memoir is mostly written, just needs some revision, and I’m gonna get it done!

  3. It sounds like your period of introspection has helped you sort some things out! The craft show sounds like a downer–and I do think the time of year might be part of the issue. I did a show last spring and there were very few shoppers and I notice a downturn on Etsy every spring, too. I think people are spring cleaning right now, and getting rid of excess stuff, not buying more!

    • Good, I’m glad it’s not just me! It was just such a surprise, because I’ve done really well in the past at craft shows. But they’ve all been in the colder months. You’ve helped reinforce my decision for a break!

    • Thank you! Every bit of encouragement helps. I’m really hoping to build up my inventory, find some fixtures, and get my own little booth with you all a bit later in the year!

  4. I’ve been doing shows for years. Of course I live in Central Texas. Where most of the year is pretty warm. What I find is that yarn in general does not sell well during the summer or warmer months. It’s not the people don’t like it. It’s just that it’s almost like handing somebody hot chocolate in the desert. So even if I’m selling something like purses, because it’s yarn, people don’t tend to want to buy it when it’s warm. Unless it’s thread lace and that’s a different ballgame. I tend to focus on building up my inventory during the summer months to get ready for shows in the fall. That’s what works for me. Also, I’ve found that people don’t tend to start spending money in the fall until it’s finally been cold. Which sometimes comes later in the year for us. Whenever that first cold snap happens, people are in the holiday mood.

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