Some Selfish Knitting

Thanks to a doctor’s appointment and a grocery story trip, I didn’t have much knitting time yesterday. But with the time I did have, I worked on two projects for ME! They’re both ones that have been hanging around for a while, and I’m getting eager to wear them. One is my black and white chevron infinity scarf. I met a fellow crafter for coffee on Monday night, and took this with me. I thought it would be easy enough to knit while talking, but I didn’t do well. Last night I had to frog back about 10 rows to get rid of stupid mistakes. I was going to try to live with it…but, no. So now it’s back where it was and I’ve got the pattern set in my head again. IMG_2084I should have taken this super simple mesh scarf I’m making with some Pima cotton. It’s just a YO, k2tog repeat. Hard to mess up, though of course I have. It doesn’t look like much here, but blocking will work wonders, I think. This was my waiting room knitting.IMG_2086I worked a little bit on a bag commission too. This was my “sit outside with the puppies in the afternoon” knitting. This is the one that will mostly be a secret, but since this is just the bottom of the bag and it doesn’t look like much, I don’t think I’m giving anything away.IMG_2085I’m getting to the good part now, where I can start working the nifty pattern and where I’m working in the round. Maybe it’ll go quickly!

And the puppies. Oh, the puppies. Bit of backstory: we have a large patch of dirt in our backyard. We’re in the process of getting it prepped to lay sod, but until then, we have a lot of dust and dirt being tracked in the house. It’s a mess. Add that to two puppies who like to get on the kitchen table, and I’m washing a table every day. Plus the dirt and puppy paws are hard on the table. Easy solution, I thought. I went to Big Lots, bought a cheap vinyl tablecloth, problem solved. Right. Here’s my tablecloth after the doctor appointment. IMG_2076Jack says it’s not HIS fault.IMG_2075And I tend to believe him. It’s this one who’s the troublemaker, and she was on a roll yesterday. Ate the plastic pulls off the kitchen window blinds, ate a long plastic straw out of the dish drainer, tried to eat the hose and sprinklers in the back yard (multiple times), dig dig dig in the peat moss and dirt, ate the hostas…sigh. IMG_2078Alex and I finally took them for a long walk after dinner and it was a good thing, because only then could I remember why I wanted puppies. They’re so much nicer when they’re calm and cuddly. So fine. I’ll try to walk some silly puppies today.

10 thoughts on “Some Selfish Knitting

  1. Your puppy mischief reminds me of some “dog-shaming” pics I’ve seen floating around the internet. Have you seen any of those? It makes me feel like my own pooch isn’t such a trouble-maker after all.

    • My dog mostly just runs away whenever he finds the chance and barks at anyone and everyone. He’s hugely embarrassing but fortunately not destructive… although he once decided to play with my yarn in the middle of the night and somehow tethered himself to the coffee table. He knew he was bad but couldn’t run and hide since he was ensnared in his own mess!

      • Haha! I can picture that! What kind of dog? I had a Husky that ran away at every opportunity, it was a pain. And Jack was terrible with people when we first got him, all barking and lunging, but now he’s the good puppy. And as bad as it is, I’ve seen (and had!) worse.

      • I’ve got a little dog that’s a mixed breed. He’s sized about like a shitzu, if I spelled that correctly. And, his favorite game is “Chase me” so there’s no catching him when he gets loose. He loves nothing more than having you run after him calling his name. So frustrating! We have to let him wear himself out and he’ll eventually scratch at the front door looking for water. I’m sure our neighbors are thrilled to have our little dog running free and barking at them and their children. :-/ But, he has gotten better as he’s gotten older. It’s a good thing dogs make up for their bad behavior with all their sweetness!

  2. The look on his face is priceless. I have a kitty that is destructive. He likes water… Your scarves and bag are looking good. 🙂

  3. I love that you have task-oriented knitting–this project for this occasion, that project for that one. And it’s good to hear you’re making something nice for yourself to remember why you like to knit. And those dogs! OMG–i laughed out loud when i saw the tablecloth!

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