Two Finished Hats, One Stupid Cowl

Seriously? This purple Cascade Magnum is driving me bonkers! Last week I blogged about my challenges finding the right pattern for it, and I really thought I’d figured it out. I even bought the right size needles. Last night I cast on for the Red Rasta Cowl and it was going swimmingly: simple pattern, super bulky yarn, quick progress. The problem is I don’t like it.IMG_5416It’s not the yarn’s fault; I love the yarn and think it’s knitting up beautifully. But it’s so snug and stiff, and it’s already as tall as my neck with another 10 rows to go. It’s not going to drape around my neck the way it looks in the pattern picture. So I have two choices: frog and start over with more stitches and bigger needles, or frog and do the Marian pattern that I know works so well with the Magnum. What would you do?

In good news, I did manage to get a couple more projects completed. Remember that blue stripe hat that was too big? I got a new one knit up over the weekend. I even managed to knit in the dark for the first time! It was really fun, actually. As long as I was just doing simple stockinette in the round, it was easy. Anyway, hooray, that order is complete and I’m sending it off to my SIL for the embroidery.

I also finished my most recent travel-knitting project. I had a simple seed stitch slouchy beanie going for when I have to sit and wait somewhere, and I thought it would never be done. Yesterday I got close enough that I decided to finish it off at home. I used the Pompon and Seeds Hat pattern, which has been in my library for ages, and some black and gold Red Heart Fiesta yarn. I think an MU hat will be a hit at my next craft show! If I’d had some solid gold yarn, it would have a pompom.IMG_3182 IMG_3184Finally, I thought I’d share my little penguin friend. A week or so ago my daughter was a little stressed out from all her activities, so I pulled out a crocheted penguin I’d made last year. I made him a hat and scarf and left him on her bed. She was delighted when she found him and named him Franklin. I’d make more…except I didn’t really like making him! Maybe I’ll look for a knit penguin pattern.IMG_5365Thankfully, she has survived the marching band season and the fall musical. She’s sad to see them end, but we’re all breathing easier to see our schedule open up a little bit. She was a wonderful nun in The Sound of Music, AND this weekend she auditioned for the All-District Band and earned the 9th chair in flute! That means she gets to move on and audition for All-State! Plus, she found out yesterday that she received the highest score on their school chair placement tests. As a freshman, she is the first chair flute at her school! Can you tell I’m a little proud?

Today my schedule is empty so I have a date with my couch and my yarn. I have an interesting endeavor that I’m working on, and I can’t wait to tell you about it, but I can’t yet. Maybe if I get a lot of knitting done today, I can share tomorrow!

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