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Wait, it’s Tuesday?

I saw someone’s Sock It To Me Monday post last night and was genuinely confused — I was sure yesterday was Sunday! Especially without a work schedule to ground me, my days are all muddled now. But apparently today is Tuesday so I’ll show you my finished sock a day late.

img_7856This is the Orange Jellyfish Dream yarn in my go-to sock recipe: ribbed leg, stockinette foot. I did most of the toe while on a Skype call Saturday night so it might not be exactly correct, but it’s toe-shaped so that’s a plus.

But the WIP getting all my attention right now is my new Olive Pink shawl. This is with four colors of SoLo from Lolo Did It and I am loving this project.

8D9E7CA3-73D6-4324-94EB-05B859C10924_1_201_aThere are so many color changes and stitch changes that it keeps me going to get to the next section, and I’m really pleased with the colors I chose. I’m eager to get a little more green in there, though. Even though this is 20 sections and I’m only on the sixth, I have a feeling this shawl will fly off my needles. Especially since I might need some comfort knitting! The kids have both left today, on the way to Colorado. The girl needed to move out of her old apartment and into her new one, and the boy was desperate to get out of the house, so he joined her to help clean and pack. It’ll be a big change after having her home with us for about six weeks. I’d gotten used to it and we were all having a lot of fun, so I’m a bit blue today. But, c’est la vie, right?

Happy Tuesday, friends. Hope you have better weather than our gray skies and rain!

Selfish Knitting

I didn’t do anything I was “supposed” to do yesterday. Well, no, I take that back. I did EXACTLY what I was supposed to do: relax, let everybody else do all the stuff, and only do what *I* wanted to do. So we had a lovely brunch, I got a couple of presents from my sweet daughter, we went to see the new Captain America movie (spoiler: I wasn’t a big fan.) and then I knitted the rest of the day while watching old chick flicks. (Sweet Home Alabama and Pleasantville.) I made lots of progress on a beautiful Pink Diamond Shawlette: IMG_6074IMG_6075Pattern is Diamond Shawlette and I’m using KnitPicks Galileo in Abalone and I’m loving everything about knitting this. But for now I must set it aside so I can focus on the things I have to do, like a mermaid blanket and a proofreading job.

Oh, and I finally have pictures of the rainbow scarf, which just got listed on Etsy this morning. IMG_5227IMG_5228

I hope all my fellow mothers had an equally lovely day yesterday!

Sparkly Indian Silk Yarn

IMG_5384This is why people hire yarn de-tanglers, isn’t it? This is fingering weight silk, a skein my husband brought me from India, and at one point it was neatly caked. Then the puppy happened. Thank goodness Grace didn’t chew on it, just played with it and turned it into this mess. This happened a few months ago and it’s been in time-out ever since. But I spotted it last night and remembered how much I love this yarn and want to use it. I don’t have a current WIP calling my name, so I decided to give it a shot. Let me tell you, I would NOT want to be a yarn de-tangler. This is a big pain in my butt. I’m making progress, though, so I’ll keep going. I’m just stubborn enough to win this battle.

This wasn’t even why I was in my craft room. I was up there perusing my stash because I’m obsessed with the Because I Love You wrap. I keep seeing them on Instagram (check out #becauseIloveyouwrap) and they’re gorgeous!! People are using fantastic color combos, and I do love stripes. At first my mind was going nuts, thinking of all the gorgeous yarns I wanted to buy for this wrap, but then I came to my senses. I HAVE YARN. I HAVE GORGEOUS YARN. I HAVE GORGEOUS FINGERING WEIGHT YARN. No purchase required! I think I found the perfect match-up, too. Check it out: IMG_5377The pattern recommends picking yarns with a strong contrast, and this fits the bill. I have some solid purple that would work instead of the teal, but it would be much more muted. Plus, I love that both these yarns have some sparkle. (Side note: this teal yarn is the same yarn as the pink. THIS is what got me thinking about the pink.) So now I have a project planned out, and it’s so far out of what I normally do. It’s fingering weight yarn, not bulky. It’s a paid pattern, not free. It’s a large shawl, not a quick hat. But I can’t stop thinking about it and that means it must be knit, no matter how long it takes. Today I will be winding some silk and casting on!

Have you ever had an unusual project that called your name, something out of your comfort zone?

IMG_5381“Please rub my belly, mom!”