A new hook, and still more hats

I’m all about the hats, can you tell? I’m working on filling orders, which means more owl hats emerging from my hook. I’ve been crocheting so much lately that I splurged a wee bit on my last trip to Joann. I had my coupon but there was nothing I really *needed*. Still, you can’t let a 50% off coupon go to waste, right? So I decided to try out a new hook. Almost all of my hooks are the metal Boye books that I bought when I started crocheting. They’re fine, but I found that when I added a finger grip, they were even better. Well, I went all out: I bought a Clover hook with the cushioned handle. I use the H size the most so that’s what I bought.

IMG_3853.JPG I LOVE it. It feels lighter in my hand, it’s warm, and my fingers don’t have to grip so tightly. I’m definitely adding these to my wish list.
This is what I’m doing with my new hook. One more pink owl hat. She looks creepy because she has no eyeballs yet. I need more 3/4″ black buttons. I’ve got two boxes of buttons but not two black that match. So a trip to Joann is on my agenda today.

Until I get the buttons, I’m working on a brown baby owl hat. It’ll get a matching mom hat too.

After this set, I have two hats and two scarves to make, and then I’m caught up with orders. After that, I’ll probably get back to my Christmas knitting…and a wee bit of selfish knitting!

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