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Finished Marshmallow Fluff

Today is really a FO Friday: I have my finished Marshmallow Fluff cowl to share! The Yoda hat was done and in the mail by 1, so after that I had nothing to do but knit on the cowl, and I was binding off by dinner time.

The good: it was a great pattern for this yarn. The simple design makes the yarn the star, which was my intention. I love the fit, with it high enough to burrow my face into when the wind blows. It was an easy, fast knit.IMG_5312IMG_5318The bad: it itches!! I have sensitive skin, so really any wool around my neck isn’t great. I can tolerate some with less prickle, but this yarn, as gorgeous as it is, has more prickle than I’m comfortable with. But my brilliant Knitting SIL suggested lining it, and I love the cowl enough that I think it’s a fantastic idea. It will make it even cozier! I want to find some fuchsia fleece, I think.

The ugly: my attempt at Kitchener stitch to graft it together. Let me start by saying this was only my second attempt at Kitchener (but my first turned out A LOT better than this). Also, I didn’t try to alter the process for the purl stitches vs the slipped stitches. I went with purl all the way across. It looks great on the inside, but here’s the right side seam:IMG_5319The rows don’t match up! That bothers me a lot. My knitting SIL said Kitchener is always off by half a stitch, so maybe that’s part of it. I’m not expert enough with grafting to know how much is operator difficulty and how much is expected. Regardless, at this point I wish I  had just done the 3-needle bind off the way the pattern instructed, and the way Mulch and More Crafts did with the ridge on the inside. Lesson learned: sometimes the pattern designer really does know best!

Recap: I used Vice Yarns Well Hello Big Boy, which is listed as a super bulky, and I used the whole skein. I knit with size 15 needles. Many thanks to Sarah Kraly for the free pattern, and thanks to Jenna at HardKnitLife for the idea and for playing along…if she’s started knitting yet! 😉

If you’ve decided to make one, I’d love to see your photos and hear your experience with the bind off!


Yoda Interrupts

No progress on my Marshmallow Fluff today, sadly. Yesterday was a busy day. I got to visit with my wee nephew, who is often crabby but awfully cute, and I got to visit my mother, who seemed delighted with her rainbow cowl and who also bought one of my other cowls. Then I got an order for a Yoda hat, this time for a 2-year-old. I’m selling these made to order now, and they’d like it quickly, so I needed to get to work. But I also had to drive the girl to flute lesson (45 minutes each way) and of course I had to watch American Idol last night. Here’s what I’ve got so far: IMG_5304I need to get busy. This needs to be shipped out today! So nope, I don’t get to play with the buttons my mom gave me yesterday. IMG_5305Don’t you just want to paw through all of those? I do! But it’ll wait. I’m off to knit Yoda and watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. (That show is hilarious. If you like musicals and quirky humor, you need to be watching it. Seriously.)

And if you want to see some Marshmallow Fluff, check out Mulch and More Crafts. She’s going much faster with her cowl than I am, and it looks great!

Marshmallow Cowl Progress

The knit-along has begun!! I couldn’t wait until today so last night I assembled all my tools and prepared to cast on. IMG_5294I hit my first roadblock pretty quickly. I thought I remembered how to do a provisional cast on, but it was coming out wonky. So I pulled out my trusty cast on/bind off reference book and pretty soon I was back on track. I even learned a new way do it: crocheting around the knitting needle, so the stitches are ready to go. Before, I chained and then picked up stitches in the chains. The new way is a lot more efficient.

I confess, I did not read the pattern before selecting it. And when I saw that it was knit flat and seamed, I was disappointed. I LOVE knitting in the round. Not so fond of seaming. But, the pattern was chosen and announced, and I do love the look, so hey, I can seam once in a while.

So, stitches on the needle, time to knit. I hit my second roadblock in the second row of the pattern, when the instructions said to slip one purl wise. Okay, I understand that, except it didn’t specify whether to hold the yarn in front or back, and I’m a new enough knitter that I don’t know which is expected when it’s not specified. I picked to hold the yarn in front and knit away on my huge size 19 needles. I got maybe 10 rows in, and it was looking weird and nothing like the pictures in the pattern, and I was starting to freak out. Had I picked a terrible pattern? Was I a terrible knitter who shouldn’t be in charge of a KAL??

No, of course not. I am a good enough knitter now to step back and assess the situation. First of all, I wasn’t happy with the fabric created with the size 19 needles. Maybe my yarn wasn’t as bulky as the designer’s. I frogged and pulled out my size 15s and started over. It still looked weird. I frogged again and visited Youtube for videos on slipping stitches, and decided to hold the yarn in back. This time, I skipped the provisional cast on and just cast on normally, so I could get a sense of the pattern, and sure enough, the yarn is supposed to be held in back.IMG_5296See?? That’s how it’s supposed to look! I felt much better about myself and about the pattern. I frogged one more time, did the provisional cast on one more time, and started knitting, and this time my progress hasn’t been frogged. Just a note: I did add five stitches to my cast on to account for the smaller needles.IMG_5299Sorry, the lighting is weird in that one, isn’t it? You can see it’s zipping along, and I had to stop myself from doing too much last night, since I said I wouldn’t even cast on until today! Still, it won’t take long to knit up. And I decided I’m going to use Kitchener to graft it together. Partly because I want the practice, and partly because I’m not fond of the seam that the 3-needle bind off leaves. But that’s for another day.

What else have I been working on? I made a quick chunky hat (pattern: Hipster Slouchy Hat) and once I tried it on, I decided I needed to keep this one.IMG_5284

I’ve also been working on my gradient seed stitch cowl. There’s a very slight line where you can see I started knitting with my new purling method, but it doesn’t bother me a bit. This one’s going much more quickly than I remembered. IMG_5287Jack was my photography assistant. He’s very helpful.IMG_5286

There you have it, lots of knitting! Today I’m going to get as much done on my bulky cowl as possible, though I am visiting both my mother and my newest nephew, so I’m not sure how much progress I’ll make. I’ll be sure to share tomorrow!

And if you want to knit along with me and Jenna, the pattern is Marshmallow Fluff and we’re using the hashtag #MarshmallowKAL!

Bulky Cowl Knit-Along

Ugh with this day already! It’s 8:40 a.m. and here’s my morning so far: I get up with a stiff neck, make sure kids are awake, warm heating pad. Daughter texts: big project due today not done despite staying up most of the night because she had honor band commitments all weekend, what does she do?? I talk her off the ledge and ask husband to drive her to school so she can get there a few minutes early. I think it’s trash day so I ask son to take dumpsters to curb. He grunts and moans and stomps about. I realize it’s NOT really trash day. Apologize to son. I give son a hug goodbye and somehow manage to knock his glasses off and scratch his eye with my fingernails. He grunts and moans but is relatively receptive to my apologies. Daughter is ready to go, husband is on conference call and needs to check something on computer. I put on shoes and drive daughter to school in my pajamas. The only reason I don’t stop for donuts on the way home is BECAUSE I’m in my pajamas. But finally I was able to have tea, breakfast, and Tylenol, and now I’m catching my breath and enjoying my time with you.

Whew. I already feel better and ready to move on. Shall we? I have something fun to share: I’ve been chatting with Jenna at HardKnitLife and we’ve decided to do a mini Knit-Along! I have a special skein of super bulky yarn, and she has a skein of Malabrigo Rasta (yes, that’s pretty special too) and we’ve decided we’re going to do a cowl knit-along! The (free) pattern we’ve chosen is called Marshmallow Fluff by Sarah Kraly, and it’s wonderfully simple and wonderfully cozy. It should be a fast instant gratification project! Do you want to play along with us?

A fun fact I just discovered this morning: the pattern was written by someone from one of my LYSs, The Studio Knitting and Needlepoint! It may not be terribly cold around here right now, but Jenna and I are midwest girls and know that we could easily get another blast of winter before spring is here to stay. This will absolutely be for me to wear. Look at this gorgeous yarn, all wound and ready to go: IMG_5289This is Well Hello Big Boy by Vice Yarns. I’ll be using the recommended size 19 needles and will cast on tomorrow (Wednesday). It is knit flat and seamed, so skills needed are provisional cast on and either 3-needle bind off or Kitchener stitch to graft the ends together.

Check out my progress here, on Instagram or Twitter (where I’m also bonnyknits), or on Facebook (bonnyknitsforyou). We’ll be using the hashtag #MarshmallowKAL so be sure to tag your photos so we can see all the Fluffy goodness!

This is my first ever KAL so I’m trying to keep it simple and fun. I’d love to hear from any of you who want to knit with us!