Yoda Interrupts

No progress on my Marshmallow Fluff today, sadly. Yesterday was a busy day. I got to visit with my wee nephew, who is often crabby but awfully cute, and I got to visit my mother, who seemed delighted with her rainbow cowl and who also bought one of my other cowls. Then I got an order for a Yoda hat, this time for a 2-year-old. I’m selling these made to order now, and they’d like it quickly, so I needed to get to work. But I also had to drive the girl to flute lesson (45 minutes each way) and of course I had to watch American Idol last night. Here’s what I’ve got so far: IMG_5304I need to get busy. This needs to be shipped out today! So nope, I don’t get to play with the buttons my mom gave me yesterday. IMG_5305Don’t you just want to paw through all of those? I do! But it’ll wait. I’m off to knit Yoda and watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. (That show is hilarious. If you like musicals and quirky humor, you need to be watching it. Seriously.)

And if you want to see some Marshmallow Fluff, check out Mulch and More Crafts. She’s going much faster with her cowl than I am, and it looks great!

10 thoughts on “Yoda Interrupts

  1. Thanks for the link, I’ve had one person visit from it. Just stopped by to let you I did bind off this morning, but want to work in the ends before I post a picture. I should have made my last row a wrong side row to make the join less noticeable, but it’s not bad and was quick to do. also should measure my leftover yarn to know what I used.
    Interruptions of orders is always a nice kind to have 🙂

  2. This box of buttons is so tempting! I played with my granny’s one and now I am lucky to have one of my own. An old fashioned tin box I love dearly 🙂

    • Isn’t it though? Some of these are from my grandma’s collection, though my mom kept most of hers. I store mine sorted by color in clear glass jars, but sometimes I miss having a big old box of buttons to dig through.

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