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Knitting Groups FTW

Apologies in advance for a slightly cryptic post, but I promise, the little details aren’t the important part. We have a knitting group at work, and I’ve been going since I started there almost four years ago. It’s mostly the same people, with a few additions and losses as people come and go. But we have a small, regular core of people who meet twice a week and they are some of my favorite people at work. The last few months I’ve been struggling with a situation at work, and it was really affecting my entire mindset. I’d talked with a couple of people individually here and there, but last week I talked with my knitting group friends about it.

When I did, I found out a couple of other people were struggling with things too, and we were able to let each other vent in a safe space. It’s always so nice to find people who will just listen to you, without judgment, and offer sincere thoughts and advice. And they had some good advice, too! The part that hit home was when someone said she’d done a lot of thinking, and she wondered if part of the reason she wasn’t happy was because she didn’t stand up for herself, didn’t ask for what she wanted or needed.

Well! If that didn’t give me a kick in the pants! Yes, there are things outside of my control. But I also can’t always expect things to happen on their own. I need to take some ownership.

So a few days later, after repeating that in my head a few times, I initiated a hard conversation. I was honest and straightforward, even though it was awkward and uncomfortable and I teared up a couple of times. I said what I wasn’t happy with and asked for what I want, and it was the best thing I could have done. There weren’t any immediate changes, but the response was supportive and kind and I have faith that things will be improving over time.

Sometimes it just hits me, how many people I know and love because of knitting. Knitting FIBER people are the best people, I swear.

Three WIPs

The new job is going well, and I’m catching on quickly to most things. I think the biggest hurdle has been the Spanish accent of one of my bosses. I struggle a bit with accents, so I’m really hoping that with time, I’ll get more used to it and it’ll be easier. As it is, I’ve had a couple of scary moments where I asked “What?” once and didn’t want to ask again, and then had to ask someone else for help later. Thankfully, he’s a very nice man, so he’d probably be patient with me too. It’s just hard to admit you can’t understand someone, isn’t it?

I’m enjoying bolstering the knitting group at work too. I knit every day, and one day at the cafe, one woman sat with our group because of my knitting. She used to knit, keeps projects handy, but struggles to find time. Of course I told her about the knitting group, so I’m hoping to see her there soon. I go to every lunch meeting I can, and I’ve got the other AA who started with me knitting too. She learned the knit stitch as a child, and I donated a pair of needles she could try again and see if she liked it. She made a mug cozy in about a day, and is now working on a chevron baby blanket! There’s one other woman there who’s a dedicated crocheter/knitter, so she’s always got her yarn too, and we can talk about stash and what to do with leftover yarn and weaving in ends and understand each other perfectly.

But despite my daily lunchtime knitting, I haven’t finished a project in a while. Instead, I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on. I’ve got three biggish WIPs that are moving slowly. First is my KC Royals Crackerjack scarf. I got bored with it a while back and set it aside, but recently realized it makes great lunch break knitting so I made note of all the wins and losses for the last two months (yeah, I neglected it that long) and within a few days I got all caught up. I really like the random look to it, especially if I don’t think about the fact that the big blocks of white and gold mean they lost a lot.


My Saroyan is progressing nicely too. I’m loving the pattern and the yarn. (How could you not love a hot pink cashmere blend yarn?)


I just started the second skein last night while watching the Olympics, and I can see a definite difference in color. But it’ll be the middle of the scarf and at the back of my neck when I wear it, so I’m trying to let it go.


I also have Fractal Danger on my needles, in my newest Manos del Uruguay Alegria.


This is a Martina Behm pattern, so it’s full of delicious garter stitch. This was my lunch break knitting this week, but I had to keep track of the rows just enough that it was hard to eat and chat at the same time, so I think I’ll cast on for a new hat for this week. I might do Yoda hats, since those are strong sellers on Etsy and I can almost make them without any thought at all.

Yesterday, the husband needed to donate something to the Habitat ReStore, which just *happens* to be next door to a lovely big LYS, so I decided I’d ride along. It’s somehow appropriate, given the location of the Olympics, that I came home with some new Malabrigo Rios.


I keep buying new yarn despite having less knitting time than before. This might be a problem soon.

On the way home, we saw this:


Yep, a little chihuahua in a cart on the back of a scooter. I love it.

Now, I’m going to spend the rest of my Sunday baking, knitting, and watching the Olympics. The real question is whether I make myself work out before doing the fun stuff. (I KNOW. Don’t tell me. I KNOW I should. But I don’t WANT to.)

Enjoy your Sunday, friends!