Knitting Groups FTW

Apologies in advance for a slightly cryptic post, but I promise, the little details aren’t the important part. We have a knitting group at work, and I’ve been going since I started there almost four years ago. It’s mostly the same people, with a few additions and losses as people come and go. But we have a small, regular core of people who meet twice a week and they are some of my favorite people at work. The last few months I’ve been struggling with a situation at work, and it was really affecting my entire mindset. I’d talked with a couple of people individually here and there, but last week I talked with my knitting group friends about it.

When I did, I found out a couple of other people were struggling with things too, and we were able to let each other vent in a safe space. It’s always so nice to find people who will just listen to you, without judgment, and offer sincere thoughts and advice. And they had some good advice, too! The part that hit home was when someone said she’d done a lot of thinking, and she wondered if part of the reason she wasn’t happy was because she didn’t stand up for herself, didn’t ask for what she wanted or needed.

Well! If that didn’t give me a kick in the pants! Yes, there are things outside of my control. But I also can’t always expect things to happen on their own. I need to take some ownership.

So a few days later, after repeating that in my head a few times, I initiated a hard conversation. I was honest and straightforward, even though it was awkward and uncomfortable and I teared up a couple of times. I said what I wasn’t happy with and asked for what I want, and it was the best thing I could have done. There weren’t any immediate changes, but the response was supportive and kind and I have faith that things will be improving over time.

Sometimes it just hits me, how many people I know and love because of knitting. Knitting FIBER people are the best people, I swear.

13 thoughts on “Knitting Groups FTW

  1. Good for you! Speaking up for ourselves can be the hardest thing to do. I was actually just talking with a co-worker that we’re frustrated that another co-worker of ours will stand up for everyone except herself. Sadly, though, that is much more normal than people who will stand up for themselves. I’ve been trying to do more of it, but always need the reminder. Thank you!

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