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Knitting Disappointments

I finished the hat yesterday, like I said I would, but I’m not completely totally happy with it. I love the pattern, love how it’s got a lot of slouch, and it’s unisex. I love the yarn, how it’s soft and washable. What I don’t love is the big glaring mistake I made right in the middle of the hat.IMG_0173See?!? It’s horrible!! Okay, that’s nice of you to lie, but I know you see it. That line right where I started decreasing is because I stopped on the wrong round. I was supposed to stop after a k1, p1 round and I stopped after a knit round. Sighh. I didn’t notice it until I was halfway done with the decreases and…well, I confess: I was lazy. I could have frogged back but I didn’t. If it were for anyone other than a member of my immediate family, I would have, but I really don’t think my 11yo son will notice, let alone care. Plus, the other really cool thing about this pattern is that it’s reversible, so I turn it inside out and the line almost disappears on the purl side. IMG_0168 IMG_0170Sorry for the crap photos. Again, I was lazy. Too lazy to get out the good camera so these are phone pictures. Plus black hats are really hard to photograph…on a phone. Inside. In the morning, when there’s no natural light because it’s raining outside. For those who are interested, this hat is called Graham and I do quite like it and I will be knitting it again, correctly next time! I used less than one skein of Knit Picks Brava Worsted in black. Anyway, the most important thing is that the hat is done, and I can wash it and put it aside with the rest of the gifts and move on.

Sure, I can move on to the bag I frogged. (I know, I’m a bundle of cheer today, aren’t I?) Here’s where I was:IMG_0167I love the yarns together but the pattern just wasn’t right for me. I don’t carry bucket bags, at least not as purses, and I want this to be a bag I’ll carry. So this morning I very slowly and carefully frogged it, and it went better than I expected. I think having the strand of wool in there was a huge help. Just the silk along would have ended up a tangled mess. Now I have a nice big ball and a new pattern, and I’m going to start fresh today.

As soon as I walk the dog, and drive an hour to pick up the girl’s flute, that is. In the rain. Just call me Eeyore.

Back-to-School Knitting

The kids started school today, one in high school and one in middle school. I cannot believe they’re that old, or that I’m old enough to have kids that old. We had an early start to the day to get them on the bus, and now I am relishing the quiet. I still have a bouncy puppy who wants to play, but otherwise the house is empty. There’s no one else here that I have to worry about, or take care of, or anticipate the needs of. It is bliss. It’s a feeling that I haven’t felt for a long time, and I’ve needed it. I like being their mom, I like helping them and the rest of my family, but I need this time to myself too. What’s the saying? “In the event of an emergency, apply the oxygen mask to yourself before helping others.” I’ve been trying to remind myself of that lately, that I need to take care of myself so that I’m healthy enough to help others. But it’s hard. You all know it’s hard.

Anyway, so today. Quiet, empty house. I finished another Christmas present last night so as a reward I’m casting on a treat for myself. When I went to that store-closing sale a few months back, I bought a bunch of yarn, but I also bought an awesome book by Rowan called Winter Warmers. It’s full of patterns for their Lima (worsted) and Alpaca Chunky yarns, which are the weights I use most. They’re all these gorgeous muted tones of gray and blue and lilac and caramel and I want to make everything in there. I don’t have any Rowan chunky, but I do have several skeins of Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky, which is probably my favorite yarn ever.IMG_4801I have three skeins of this red, and they’ve been earmarked for this pattern since I looked through the book.IMG_4802 Can’t wait! I’m off to cast on now!