Knitting Disappointments

I finished the hat yesterday, like I said I would, but I’m not completely totally happy with it. I love the pattern, love how it’s got a lot of slouch, and it’s unisex. I love the yarn, how it’s soft and washable. What I don’t love is the big glaring mistake I made right in the middle of the hat.IMG_0173See?!? It’s horrible!! Okay, that’s nice of you to lie, but I know you see it. That line right where I started decreasing is because I stopped on the wrong round. I was supposed to stop after a k1, p1 round and I stopped after a knit round. Sighh. I didn’t notice it until I was halfway done with the decreases and…well, I confess: I was lazy. I could have frogged back but I didn’t. If it were for anyone other than a member of my immediate family, I would have, but I really don’t think my 11yo son will notice, let alone care. Plus, the other really cool thing about this pattern is that it’s reversible, so I turn it inside out and the line almost disappears on the purl side. IMG_0168 IMG_0170Sorry for the crap photos. Again, I was lazy. Too lazy to get out the good camera so these are phone pictures. Plus black hats are really hard to photograph…on a phone. Inside. In the morning, when there’s no natural light because it’s raining outside. For those who are interested, this hat is called Graham and I do quite like it and I will be knitting it again, correctly next time! I used less than one skein of Knit Picks Brava Worsted in black. Anyway, the most important thing is that the hat is done, and I can wash it and put it aside with the rest of the gifts and move on.

Sure, I can move on to the bag I frogged. (I know, I’m a bundle of cheer today, aren’t I?) Here’s where I was:IMG_0167I love the yarns together but the pattern just wasn’t right for me. I don’t carry bucket bags, at least not as purses, and I want this to be a bag I’ll carry. So this morning I very slowly and carefully frogged it, and it went better than I expected. I think having the strand of wool in there was a huge help. Just the silk along would have ended up a tangled mess. Now I have a nice big ball and a new pattern, and I’m going to start fresh today.

As soon as I walk the dog, and drive an hour to pick up the girl’s flute, that is. In the rain. Just call me Eeyore.

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