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FO Friday: Another Hinterland Hat

I just can’t stop making these hats. I have a finished one that I think will be a gift, even if it is a beautiful beautiful purple hat. The red one might also be a gift, since I don’t wear red with my purple hair.

The purple is Malabrigo worsted that I rescued from another project a while back. I think it was another hat that I frogged? I don’t remember, but I’m glad I did because it’s so good for this pattern. And the red is… hmm, it might be from Show Me Yarn? It was already wound and the tag is somewhere still on the shelf in the stash. I’ll find it at some point. Anyway, the red might be my last Hinterland for a while. I think I’m ready to get back to all my WIPs.

Grace is feeling a bit peaky and the dishwasher is broken and the temperatures are going to be in the single digits for another few days, so that’s all super. But let’s look on the bright side: the repairman is coming today and I took Grace to the vet and should get bloodwork results today or tomorrow, and I have flannel sheets and Cuddl Duds. And aside from milk, I don’t know that we need much from the grocery store this weekend, so I might just continue hibernating with knitting and blankets and dogs. I know it’s been pretty cold in a lot of places, so I hope you all are staying warm!

Mistake? What mistake?

No, I’m not even talking about yesterday’s mistake! I was working on a cabled hat on Sunday and realized my cables were messed up. Like, four out of five cables around the hat were wrong. Argh, right? How many of you would have frogged back, or gone super crazy and dropped the stitches down to fix the cables?

Yeah, not me. I decided the brim would cover most of the bad cables and just moved on. I am nowhere near advanced enough to want to attempt dropping cables back, and it just wasn’t worth it to frog and reknit. It’s a hat for me, and I know I’m never going to look at at sadly and say, “Ohhh, too bad I messed those cables up.” Especially since it ended up looking darn good!

My cable-novice brain is suggesting that I must have done a back cable as a front, see down there by the brim? But then the rest of the hat is good and it fits well and it will be colorful and cozy… if I ever need to go outside in these crazy single-digit temperatures.

Pattern is Hinterland Hat (Rav link), my new favorite, and yarn is Malabrigo Rios, my old favorite. I don’t think I’m done making these hats. They’re so good. Do you have a hat you knit repeatedly?

No socks today

My recent obsession with hat-knitting means very little progress on socks. I need to change that, I think. Although I also recently did my sock laundry, which drove home how many pairs of handknit socks I have! I’d say you can’t have too many, except I’m running out of drawer space for them. It’s a problem.

Anyway, no sock, but a hat. I started a green hat last week and got halfway through before it hit me that I was running much lower on yarn than I expected. I checked my stash notes in Ravelry and realized I’d used half the skein for another hat and it was unlikely I had enough left for an adult-sized hat. So a few inches of ribbing were frogged, no big loss, and instead I made another Hinterland Hat. This one used up a skein of Berroco Vintage.

I think I need to make a Hinterland Hat for myself. Hm, what color?

Hello, Hinterland Hat!

Okay, well, I knew hats were fast but apparently even cabled hats are a pretty quick project. I finished the Hinterland Hat today and heck, it’s cool. Here’s the Rav link if you want to check it out.

I did mess up two of the cables early on, but there was no way I was going to frog back to fix them. And it worked out well because the folded brim hides the worst of it. I’m still not sure I love the cabling process but I do adore finished cables, and it makes it worth it, at least for smaller projects. I don’t know that I’d want to do a cabled sweater yet.

This pattern had two versions and I chose the second version, which had extra little cables between the purl sections. I know, crazy! The yarn is Island Yarn Blackwater in Silver, and it’s a smooth, squishy superwash yarn. There was a bit of splitting with some of the little cables, but otherwise I love it. Maybe the variegation hides the cabling some, but I think subtle is okay for the recipient. Let’s just hope it fits him!

While I was outside taking photos, I had some furry helpers. What could I do but take a few shots of them too?

Pretty soon it will be too cool for me to want to be outside with them very much, so I’m enjoying while I can. Oh, and last night we watched Enola Holmes. It was cute; I enjoyed it. I loved Millie Bobby Brown but somehow Henry Cavill made Sherlock a little too … likeable. I guess I prefer Sherlock as a curmudgeon.

Hope you’re having a good weekend too!

How about a hat

Nope, nothing finished here! Instead I cast on a new hat! One of my favorite work friends has a birthday soon and I decided I needed to knit him a hat. And for some reason I decided it needed to be cabled.

I’ve got the brim done, now it’s on to the 8-row pattern repeat. Surely I can finish a worsted-weight cabled hat in five days?