Mistake? What mistake?

No, I’m not even talking about yesterday’s mistake! I was working on a cabled hat on Sunday and realized my cables were messed up. Like, four out of five cables around the hat were wrong. Argh, right? How many of you would have frogged back, or gone super crazy and dropped the stitches down to fix the cables?

Yeah, not me. I decided the brim would cover most of the bad cables and just moved on. I am nowhere near advanced enough to want to attempt dropping cables back, and it just wasn’t worth it to frog and reknit. It’s a hat for me, and I know I’m never going to look at at sadly and say, “Ohhh, too bad I messed those cables up.” Especially since it ended up looking darn good!

My cable-novice brain is suggesting that I must have done a back cable as a front, see down there by the brim? But then the rest of the hat is good and it fits well and it will be colorful and cozy… if I ever need to go outside in these crazy single-digit temperatures.

Pattern is Hinterland Hat (Rav link), my new favorite, and yarn is Malabrigo Rios, my old favorite. I don’t think I’m done making these hats. They’re so good. Do you have a hat you knit repeatedly?

11 thoughts on “Mistake? What mistake?

  1. I think the hat looks great! Besides, if it is sitting on your head, you are right, you won’t see it! The color is gorgeous and Malabrigo makes for a cozy cap. I have knit multiple versions of the Sockhead Slouchy Hat and Flax Light

  2. The hat looks great, even with the cable doing something weird there. If it’s covered by the brim it doesn’t matter, right? Or you could call it a design feature so that you’ll always know which hat is yours. 😉

    I’ve knit several Honeydukes Hats and really enjoyed them. I’ll probably make more when I’m done with my fingerless mitt obsession.

  3. Melissa, from Knitting the stash podcast once made a mistake in a cable jumper. She knit a tiny little strip the size of the cable that should have been and just sewed it over where it should have been and you couldn’t spot it. On a hat I wouldn’t bother fixing either.

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