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Mistake? What mistake?

No, I’m not even talking about yesterday’s mistake! I was working on a cabled hat on Sunday and realized my cables were messed up. Like, four out of five cables around the hat were wrong. Argh, right? How many of you would have frogged back, or gone super crazy and dropped the stitches down to fix the cables?

Yeah, not me. I decided the brim would cover most of the bad cables and just moved on. I am nowhere near advanced enough to want to attempt dropping cables back, and it just wasn’t worth it to frog and reknit. It’s a hat for me, and I know I’m never going to look at at sadly and say, “Ohhh, too bad I messed those cables up.” Especially since it ended up looking darn good!

My cable-novice brain is suggesting that I must have done a back cable as a front, see down there by the brim? But then the rest of the hat is good and it fits well and it will be colorful and cozy… if I ever need to go outside in these crazy single-digit temperatures.

Pattern is Hinterland Hat (Rav link), my new favorite, and yarn is Malabrigo Rios, my old favorite. I don’t think I’m done making these hats. They’re so good. Do you have a hat you knit repeatedly?

I like cables now?

What the heck, who am I? I always thought I didn’t want to knit fingering weight, now I love it. I didn’t want to knit socks, now I’m addicted. I knew I’d hate cables — they’re fiddly and slow — and yet I chose to knit another hat with cables. And it didn’t even seem that fiddly!

img_7731It probably helped that this is worsted weight yarn and wool, so it’s sticky enough that the stitches don’t slip out easily when you’re doing the cables. And I’d say it helped that I’ve done this pattern before except I got to the cable bit and had no memory of how exactly to work it and had to look up the comments on the Ravelry pattern page. It’s Winter Walk, by the way, and knits up quickly. And next, I think I’m going to do some cabled mittens for my nephew. Clearly the shelter-in-place stuff has addled my brain.

Or maybe it’s paint fumes? After my bedroom, I tackled our upstairs hallway. It was a dirty tan with woodwork that had been painted a flat reddish-brown. I’m sure they did it to make it look like “wood” but I hated it, so the hall got the same gray/white paint as my bedroom.

It’s so bright and clean! I love it. There are SIX doorways in this area, though, so I got to paint a lot more trim than I would have preferred. The good news is that I’m now quite good at painting edges cleanly, but still, I’m so glad the next room to be done has beautiful natural wood trim! I’m taking a couple of days to rest before starting the next project; my hands and shoulder and elbow are feeling a bit of strain. Plus I was starting to miss knitting a little bit. I’ll get to the dining room soon though. It occurred to me that before I was furloughed, our plan had always been to hire someone to paint all these rooms, so I’m saving us a ton of money, probably a couple thousand by the time I’m done, as big as the bedroom and dining room are. That’s a pretty good feeling, and once you add on getting to enjoy the new paint, so far it’s worth the sore muscles!

Oh, and Mother’s Day was lovely too! We had a family breakfast, and went by to say hello to the mother (keeping a safe distance, of course) and I got plenty of knitting time before our delicious steak dinner, complete with mashed potatoes, and chocolate cake for dessert. The boy picked out a great t-shirt for me, and the husband ordered the most gorgeous blue Franklin Christoph fountain pen.

img_7719The girl’s gift was running late, so I’ll get a bonus Mother’s Day once it arrives. Hope all my fellow American moms had a good Mother’s Day too!

Sweater Weather

Yes, we all know it’s sweater weather, but the fun thing about being a knitter (okay, one of many) is that we can make sweaters for all sorts of things! People sweaters of course, but also dog sweaters, maybe cat sweaters, even chicken sweaters. And now…a bottle sweater!


This was my first time doing cables. I’ve resisted them for years because you know, “cables are hard” and they’re fiddly and complicated. Well, guess what, they’re not hard or complicated. They are fiddly, but gosh darn it all to heck, I LOVE how they look! No wonder people persevere with cables; they look amazing. This is a gift for a coworker, but I might need to make one for myself just for a fun winter decoration.

The pattern is Wine Bottle Sweater and I found it easy to follow. Yarn is just acrylic from the stash. This was so fast to make; I think I got it done in one day.

Guess what? I don’t like cables.

Okay, they aren’t terrible. But they weren’t a lot of fun. See, I made a hat yesterday. And it had a cable zig zag, and I’ve avoided learning cables to this point but I really liked this pattern and I thought it would be perfect for my dark blue/black Dream in Color wool. A one-stitch cable? Fine, I can handle that. It was also my first time knitting from a chart, but I could handle that too.IMG_1385_2 IMG_1386_2And I did! It wasn’t even that hard, but it was awkward and it slowed me down. I like my hat-knitting to zip along along but I kept having to stop and put a stupid stitch on a cable needle. I’m sure it’ll get easier with more practice, and I will try again because the result was really cool.IMG_3928 IMG_3929 IMG_3930This is the Wanderer Cap from the book Weekend Hats. It’s my first project from that book but I’ve got several others marked. This is a generous size, large enough to fit my big-headed husband, but the brim is snug enough for a woman to wear it as a slouch hat. It used about 155 yards of the Dream in Color, color Peacock Shadow. It was strange because this skein felt a little different than the grey Dream skein, which makes me think they changed it a bit at some point. It still had great stitch definition but it felt a little crisper, almost coarser. But it’s not itchy and it should be nice and warm!

As soon as that hat was done I started on my next one. This will be a tam for St. Patrick’s Day, and I’m loving this yarn. It’s Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd’s Wool Worsted in Lime Green and it’s super soft and squishy.IMG_1389_2Here’s hoping I can get this done before my craft show on Saturday!