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Friday, bah

Today is Friday and it is a good thing it’s Friday, but I’m not in a very Friday-ish mood. I’ve got some frustrating work stuff going on that’s not helping my mindset. I might have ended up browsing for yarn online this morning! I also decided I needed a fun new project.

49a7f868-cad3-40a9-b58c-313a8b831072These will be shortie socks using leftovers from other projects. I’ve only got three pairs of shorties and have been enjoying them as spring has sprung. I’m pretty sure the pink is Hedgehog Fibres and the black mix is Madtosh. The colors don’t exactly match but eh. Whatever. I’m even tempted to use some of my smaller balls to make single socks and just mix and match. Great way to use up some sock yarn! Happy Friday, friends.

WIP Wednesday

What did I do after finishing that pair of worsted weight socks? Immediately cast on another, of course! This one’s for the boy to wear with his Doc Martens. I didn’t have enough of the Mountain Meadow Tweed left, so I pulled some Cascade Eco Cloud from deep stash. It’s not superwash so they’ll definitely need to be handwashed but it’s fine, I’ll just throw them in when I wash my handknit socks. I am using the Mountain Meadow leftovers for accents though.

img_7496The toes will also be the darker brown. He says they’re “vibey”, which is apparently a good thing. However, now I am tired of brown so I need to switch back to something lighter and brighter! Also my new puzzles came today so I have something besides knitting to keep me occupied.

d853989f-3f37-4a9c-821c-4177ae1c3e35Hope you’re all coping well today. I’m currently in the “this is never gonna end” state of mind, which hopefully will pass quickly. If not, there’s wine. Well, honestly, there’s wine either way.

Two on Tuesday

You can take this “two” in two different ways: I’ve got TWO socks to show you, and I have TWO different things to show you. Here are my finished worsted socks!

fe71bc31-6ea1-4a8b-83fc-37152d2553e6I used the Rye pattern for stitch counts but just did a basic sock with a ribbed leg and stockinette foot. They’re so thick and squishy and I already have yarn picked out to make another pair. This yarn is Mountain Meadow Wool Tweet Worsted and it feels sturdy enough to withstand some hiking!

The other thing I wanted to share is more new yarn. Yesterday I got one last skein, the last of my stress purchases. This is Two Sisters self-striping sock yarn and it’s so FUN. (Hey, TWO sisters! It fits the theme!)

img_7480Now I don’t know what I’ll look forward to, with no more yarn en route. I got too accustomed to happy mail days!

My weekend was full of baking (lemon bread, yum!) and making. I made some masks for a nurse friend of mine who does some work in a telemedicine office. I knitted masks and added 2-layer cotton linings. (Note: I know these are not medical-quality masks. I don’t intend them as such and neither does she. We’re both operating under the concept of “better than nothing” and “what the hell, we have nothing to lose”.)


Oops. I broke the two theme. Oh well, anyway, I pulled out the girl’s sewing machine so I could cut up an old cotton button-up shirt and sew up the linings. And, confession time: I kind of liked it! I might need to play some more with simple sewing. What if I could make my own project bags?? Unfortunately, hunching over the masks triggered a muscle spasm on Sunday morning so Sunday wasn’t too productive. I’m hoping next weekend will be a little better!

FO Friday: Socks

These socks actually got done two days ago, but I forgot to post until today. These are plain vanilla socks, with yarn from Old Rusted Chair in the color Devil’s Details. Love the yarn, loved knitting such simple socks. I finished them one night while watching a movie and immediately put them on because my feet were cold. I might have worn them for the next 36 hours.

They are good socks. The other photo is what happens when I sit down to try to take a picture of my feet: I get “helpers”!

I have one more WIP on the verge of becoming a FO, and I’ve got the second worsted sock in progress too. I’m hoping to get lots of knitting done this weekend; how about you?

Wonderful Worsted

Have you ever made socks with worsted weight yarn? I hadn’t, but I cast one on last night after work and by bedtime I was past the gusset! And not only is it super fast, it’s thick and squishy too. The yarn is Mountain Meadow Wool Tweed Worsted, and I’m using Agate for the body and Pumice for the cuff and toe. It might not be the softest yarn against my face, but I think it will make fantastic boot socks.


I might even make some for the boy to wear with his Doc Martens, if I can manage making socks for man-sized feet. They do take a long time, but then again, as fast as worsted weight socks go, maybe it would be fine!

More yarn showed up in my mailbox the other day. I swear, having good reasons to buy yarn is definitely a silver lining to this whole mess. These beauties came from Yarn Cafe Creations and helped pay to repair their water well. I felt good helping and I got yarn!


The two on the left will be a future shawl of some sort, and the one on the left will become socks, probably as soon as I finish my worsted socks!

I’m so glad I’ve got my knitting mojo back and will enjoy it as long as it decides to stay. I’ve also been rewatching the Twilight movies and just having something so familiar that I love so much has been really comforting. I’m thinking I’ll move on to the Harry Potter series when I’m done with Twilight. What are you finding brings you the most comfort these days?

Sock It To Me Monday

Thank goodness for knitting, am I right? I mean. Heck. I have no idea what I’d do with myself if I didn’t have knitting. Okay, sure, I’d read, and I did read a whole book yesterday which was great. And I’d work on puzzles — I’ve got a Twilight puzzle going but it’s all shades of black and gray and it’s currently driving me bonkers. So yes, thank goodness for knitting. I’ve been using my sock knitting for work days, for those short breaks during the day, so I don’t have a ton of progress to show. This is the Vestigial sock (which sounds weird. Look up “vestigial“. This is my vestigial sock, haha! Why is this pattern even called Vestigial? I don’t know!).


I love this yarn so much. It’s almost self-striping but with such gentle color transitions, and the colors are all springy and happy. I finished the heel while on a Skype Saturday Night knit night with Sarah at Mildly Granola and I made at least one mistake but it looks like a perfectly good heel so who the hell cares? Not me.

Here are the non-knitting things I’m grateful for night now: Dogs that want all the cuddles and snuggles I can give them. A husband who has the time and inclination to cook dinner almost every night, and who is brave enough to do the grocery shopping because the germ thing freaks me out a little. Working for a company that is supportive of working from home, and having a job that is easy to shift to working from home. A son who has stayed in good spirits and is fun to talk to, and who is old enough to entertain himself so that I don’t have to do it while also trying to work.

Those are the big ones. I hope you all are doing all right. I go back and forth with some stretches that are more anxious than others, but overall, I know I can manage being at home for another few weeks. Oh yeah, one more thing: I’m grateful we can still go outside!


Happy Monday, friends.

Sock It To Me Monday

Sock knitting is my comfort knitting, so it’s not too much of a surprise that I had to cast on another sock over the weekend. Yes, I still have one on the needles, but it’s a second sock and I’m past the gusset, so I needed one in reserves. Plus this yarn is pretty colors. It’s from Leading Men Fiber Arts yarn in a color called Complete Imagination.

98B2C932-B3A7-46B9-A7E2-208BCEC9F7DEThe weekend was good for more than knitting too! I got all my handknit socks washed and hung to dry, and made some yummy pumpkin muffins.

Unfortunately, I started feeling some vertigo and nausea on Saturday afternoon, so I wasn’t 100% for the girl’s visit. We managed a few games of Scrabble and Bananas, but otherwise I spent a lot of time on the couch not moving around so my stomach wouldn’t get upset. I got brave and went to the MinuteClinic this morning because I was afraid it was an ear infection that would get worse if I ignored it, but found out it’s fluid in my inner ear probably caused by allergies. With any luck, the nose spray and motion sickness meds I got will help quickly. And yes, I washed my hands a lot and used hand sanitizer and avoided touching things as much as possible! So for now, the couch is my friend. The dogs are pretty happy with that.

30E4D272-484E-498F-BAF9-2989418C7400Happy Monday, friends.