Sock It To Me Monday x3

I currently have three sock projects on my needles, all in various stages, and I really want to get two of them finished. I have one finished purple sock for the boy, and it’s pretty yarn and soft, but also solid dark colors are boring and plus it’s not for me. I have one teal/gray striped sock done, and made it to the heel of the second yesterday, and I like the color combination but I find I prefer self-striping yarn to doing the striping myself and also for some reason I’m just not excited about these socks anymore. I need to just power through these so I can move on to fun socks again.

That last little sock is a new shortie sock that I took with me to the symphony last night and it’s my one fun sock right now. I also learned that I like going to the symphony alone. I just knitted on my sock and enjoyed the music and it was kind of a nice evening!

Happy Monday, friends.

8 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday x3

  1. Nice socks! I’ve pretty much decided that the only way I’ll knit striped socks that aren’t self-striping is if I’m using a gradient yarn. I’ve seen a pair that uses Noro sock yarn and so you get stripes with a long color transition. However, other than that, I want my yarn to do the heavy lifting for striped socks. Then again, I’ve also knit with Uneek Sock yarn from Urth Yarns ( and it is self striping AND has a long color change pattern. It’s the best of both worlds!

  2. Your socks are looking nice! Hope the boring ones are done soon and you can focus more on the fun ones 🙂 It can definitely be nice to get out by yourself sometimes!

  3. I enjoy going to the cinema alone and have been to the theatre, opera and ballet alone. I used to go to a lot of outdoor classical concerts and the Liverpool Philharmonic with friends in my 20s. Perhaps I should look into where they perform classical music up here.

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