Sock It To Me Monday

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all my mom friends out there in the US. The best thing about the holiday this year was that I got to spend time with family, in person! Saturday night we were out on my Knitting SIL’s patio, celebrating a niece’s birthday as well as Mother’s Day for my MIL. The boy, who usually works all weekend, had sprained his ankle so he was even able to join us. Last night we were on my brother’s deck along with my sister, mom, and my siblings’ kids. We had pizza and very strong margaritas and much hilarity ensued. It just felt so good to hang out with them again, and this time we got to hug each other because we’re all fully vaccinated! I’m looking forward to being more social this summer, especially on my new big deck.

But here’s the thing: today I am exhausted and I don’t want to talk to anyone. Being social has always taken a lot of energy, but now I’m out of practice and I did it two days in a row. I’m even kind of glad the workmen aren’t here today, as much as I want them to finish the job. Today I’m just going to quietly work and knit and pet dogs.

Speaking of knitting, I have socks to share! I finished my first pair of Desert Vista Dyeworks socks, the Twilight-inspired color named Bella and ZomBody Edward.

I used a ball of leftover blue sock yarn for the heels and I’m happy that I got them to match almost perfectly. I just started the toe a row or two sooner on the second sock, I think. Close enough for me!

With those done, I worked on my striped socks, cast on a purple sock for the boy, and pulled out a ball of brightly striped yarn for a new pair of shortie socks. I just love shorties in the spring! The only problem is that I am running out of space for socks.

Does anyone else have that problem? If you have a brilliant sock-storage solution, let me know!

7 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. So glad you got to spend time with your family this weekend! Even though it definitely can be exhausting for sure. Your new socks look great! Very fun yarn and the heels go really well with the stripes. I am running out of room too, and also no idea what to do with more of them.

  2. I used to need a day or two to recharge after being sociable, I think now I’ll need a week to recover I’m so out of practice. Re-socks, I don’t have many pairs yet, maybe 8 so far and I have commercial ones I’m wearing through so when I knit a pair its easy to bin a pair I could read a book through they are so worn down lol.

  3. Yup, I’m not looking forward to the day when I have to start going back to the office and am expected to be social with my co-workers. I like them well enough, but I have gotten so out of practice being social that extended time with anyone just sounds painful.

    The socks look great! That blue for the heel is perfect. My solution for dealing with too many handknit socks is to give away some of them. Not the ideal solution, I know.

    • Haha! I keep telling myself I need to start knitting socks for other people, but I always find fun yarn that I want to keep. That’s not ideal either. 😉

      • Well… true. 😉 Though sometimes I don’t end up with a choice. I’ve had socks that I accidentally felted (lightly), and so they went to my sister because they don’t fit me anymore.

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