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Sew Fun: Making a Bag Lining

Haha, I conquered the sewing machine yesterday! Remember, I am not a seamstress. But we have a sewing machine from my daughter’s short-lived obsession with sewing, and I really wanted my purse lining. So like I did several months ago with the hot pink crochet purse, I pulled out the machine determined to do it myself.

I pressed the fabric and laid it out on the table. I decided I wanted the silky part of the fabric on both sides. Since the bag didn’t felt completely, there are little holey spots where the fabric will show through. I decided I would just do a rectangle, rather than try to mimic the curve of the bag, since I’m a novice at this sewing thing. I’m certain I didn’t do it the “proper” way (my SIL would probably cringe. Or laugh.) but I ended up with an open bag-type rectangle that should work just fine. Yes, it’s bigger than the bag. Oops. My eyeballing it measuring was not exact. But I’m certainly not going to scrap it and try again. It’ll be fine. It’s pinned in and ready for the hand-sewing portion. Whee. *she said sarcastically*IMG_1815The funny thing is, I’ve kind of had a lot of fun each time I pull out the sewing machine. And it’s really cool that I can just…make stuff. But no, I don’t need another hobby. And I certainly don’t need to start a fabric stash! Right? Right. … But I could start making my own little project bags. That would be fun…

Finding My Happy (i.e. going to the LYS)

My craft fair is this Saturday! Eek! I’ve been so busy getting ready—I think I’ve made at least ten new hats in the last two weeks. I went through my for-sale items and pulled out a couple of older pieces I’m not as proud of anymore, and I pulled out all the things I’ve made since my last craft show, i.e. all the things that need tagged and priced. It was a bit daunting. IMG_5125Since I took that photo, though, I’ve gone through and tagged almost half of it. Of course, I’ve also made two earwarmers , a pair of bootcuffs and worked on a hat order. Like I said, I’ve been busy. And yesterday, a couple of flowers I ordered from Junie Balloonie arrived, and they got added to my bags. I love them! IMG_5127 IMG_5129Speaking of flowers, I also knitted a new one yesterday. The craft fair asked for a donation, so I’m donating a purple and green beanie made with some gorgeous sparkly Berroco Brio. It should make some girl happy. It was originally unadorned, but since it was going to be a focus item, I decided it needed a bit of flair. And quick! Thank to the Rose Pin pattern, I had a little dusky-purple flower to sew to the hat. I like it. IMG_5130Today I needed a break. I needed to do something I wanted to do, not something I thought would sell, not something that was an order or a suggestion. I needed to make something that came completely from me. Of course that means a trip to the LYS, right? I came home with some rainbow Mochi plus, and it’s going to be a simple beanie with a ribbed edge. I love rainbow yarn, hats, ribbing, and working in the round, so this project pleases me. And I even learned a new cast on for it: the German Twisted. It’s so simple and fun; I can’t believe I haven’t done it before! I’m sure the hat will end up at the craft fair, but right now it’s serving its purpose: knitting as therapy. IMG_5137

Help me design my next bag

While I wait to meet up with my SIL to hem the lining for my purple bag, I’m desperate to crochet another one. I have some fabric in my stash that’s calling my name, so now the task is to match up yarn and fabric. I have this blue cotton. What color yarn would you match it with?

IMG_4521I confess, I am not terribly creative with my color combinations. I tend to stick with matchy-matchy stuff, so of course I pulled out this skein of cotton/silk. Does it work? Is it too boring?

IMG_4520I also have this gorgeous satiny fuchsia polyester. It might not be a lot of fun to hem or sew in, but it sure will make a fantastic lining.IMG_4516And of course I have my matching yarns to choose from. The first is some cotton Sprout.IMG_4517Or I have this lovely Cascade 128 Superwash.IMG_4518Then I stuck a toe out of my traditional box and tried this variegated Malabrigo.IMG_4519I do like it, but then I remembered I have more purple cotton. Maybe the Malabrigo would look better with purple? Or maybe I’d rather save the Malabrigo for something other than a bag?IMG_4524From there, I went a little wild. I found some color combinations that are more…shocking. Bright. Vibrant. I know I like these colors together, but would they be too overwhelming in a bag?IMG_4522

IMG_4523So that’s what I have to work with, and I’d love to get some feedback! What do you like? What do you not like? What color combinations would you try that I haven’t thought of? 


Purple Crochet Fat-Bottom Bag

I must be crazy to be attempting this pattern again. Last year I made a powder blue crochet fat-bottom bag. Crocheting the body of the bag went quickly, but then I got stuck on the whole lining part. I’m not a seamstress, in fact I hate that part, so I put it off forever before finally begging my SIL to help me. Once I got the lining cut and hemmed, I had to hand-sew the darn lining into the bag.


Sure, after that, the finishing went quickly, but still, the whole process took so long that it drove me bonkers. Unfortunately I loved the finished product. It wasn’t my color, and I knew I would never carry it, so my MIL has it now, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it, especially once I had Junie Balloonie make an accent flower for it.


When I found a skein of purple Cotton-Ease at an estate sale, I knew I needed to make a fat-bottom bag for myself. It took a while but last night I decided I’d waited long enough. Picking up a crochet hook after knitting for months felt like catching up with an old friend. I fell into the rhythm of crochet quickly and the body bag was done before I knew it. I’m using this pattern from Ravelry, but since it’s not in English, I’m mostly referring to this website. Now the body is done, and I even have this remnant of purple cotton in my crafting stash, so I think I’m ready for the next step…except I still need help from the person with the sewing machine! Hopefully I’ll have a new bag to show off in the next few days!