Purple Crochet Fat-Bottom Bag

I must be crazy to be attempting this pattern again. Last year I made a powder blue crochet fat-bottom bag. Crocheting the body of the bag went quickly, but then I got stuck on the whole lining part. I’m not a seamstress, in fact I hate that part, so I put it off forever before finally begging my SIL to help me. Once I got the lining cut and hemmed, I had to hand-sew the darn lining into the bag.


Sure, after that, the finishing went quickly, but still, the whole process took so long that it drove me bonkers. Unfortunately I loved the finished product. It wasn’t my color, and I knew I would never carry it, so my MIL has it now, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it, especially once I had Junie Balloonie make an accent flower for it.


When I found a skein of purple Cotton-Ease at an estate sale, I knew I needed to make a fat-bottom bag for myself. It took a while but last night I decided I’d waited long enough. Picking up a crochet hook after knitting for months felt like catching up with an old friend. I fell into the rhythm of crochet quickly and the body bag was done before I knew it. I’m using this pattern from Ravelry, but since it’s not in English, I’m mostly referring to this website. Now the body is done, and I even have this remnant of purple cotton in my crafting stash, so I think I’m ready for the next step…except I still need help from the person with the sewing machine! Hopefully I’ll have a new bag to show off in the next few days!



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