I made something!

I have accepted the fact that I am an obsessive person. If I like something, I go all out. It’s why my yarn stash is huge, why I still have three unopened LEGO sets from Christmas (honestly I’m saving them because I don’t want them to be all done), why I need seven bookcases to house my book collection, and why I have a five-drawer cabinet for my pens. Oh yeah, and I have a Twilight shrine. This could go on for days, but my point is: I love enamel pins. LOVE them. They’re so fun. I have two Joji & Co hobo bags that are almost full, a few pins on various other project bags, and a pin banner that’s now full. What is a crafty person to do but look at the pin banner and think, “I could make that!”

So I did!

This is my third try, I think. The first one was in cotton, just to test the process. The second one was a little short and the corners a bit wonky. This one was better, and the fourth was better still, which is good because it became a gift for a fellow pin enthusiast. And then I made a miniature one for my sister. Now I still have a ton of this canvas fabric and I’m not sure what to do with it!

It’s pretty fun to be able to make shit, you know?

9 thoughts on “I made something!

  1. The base section of a bag would be good for left overs. We need to see it loaded with pins now. I too am obsessive although getting better as I have been throwing out some things I never thought I would. But even Tv shows if I start watching a show I need to see all episodes in order, even if I’ve already seen odd episodes.

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