New Cast-ons

Are you cold too? It seems like Mother Nature just all of a sudden decided we needed a good blast of winter, so now we’ve got snow and highs in the single digits, and we’re luckier than the states farther north of us. It’s ridiculous. Tell me again why I don’t live somewhere with mild winters? Oh right, because then I wouldn’t have as much need for knitwear! My four donation hats have been washed and are drying, and I think I got a little addicted to casting on because I’ve since started two new projects.

For my own Hinterland Hat, I decided to go with teal and pulled out an already-wound skein of Malabrigo Rios. I think the color is Reflecting Pool? My other new project is a shawl I’ve been planning for months. The yarn is a five-skein Shades of Lilac gradient from Neighborhood Fiber Company that I bought at Yarn Social the first time I took Sarah there. It stayed in the stash for a while until I found the Walls (Circus) wrap on Ravelry, which seemed like the perfect fit. I wound the yarn at least three or four months ago but just never cast on, until now. This first garter section is a little boring but it’ll get a lot more interesting very soon.

Since it’s so stupid cold, today is a good day to just pull out all the WIPs and work a little bit on each one! No, I will NOT be watching football while I do it.

15 thoughts on “New Cast-ons

  1. I have the itch to cast on some new items and so it’s great when I read about someone else starting new projects as it scratches the itch for me without me needing to start a new project 😂 😆. It’s chilly here too but mostly windchill low temps but nothing like as low as you get there.

  2. We are hovering just below 20F here in NY. We had about an inch of snow yesterday but the forecast is calling for another 4 or 5. The best part? It is due to start in the early morning which means the buses won’t run, which means this school secretary may get a snow day!!

    • Lucky you!!! Down here in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country, we get fake snow!!! It snowed yesterday beginning early in the morning, but everything was gone by 2pm. Now that we are learning virtually, we will never have another snow day! LOL!

      • I think I’d be happy for this to be gone! With such cold temps all week, I think it’ll be here for days on end. I guess the silver lining to no snow days is that the school year ends on time!

      • Our superintendent feels that there should be snow days for the kids. Even with remote learning, there are areas that have poor connectivity on a good day so snow makes it even worse. I have a generous employer.

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