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I made something!

I have accepted the fact that I am an obsessive person. If I like something, I go all out. It’s why my yarn stash is huge, why I still have three unopened LEGO sets from Christmas (honestly I’m saving them because I don’t want them to be all done), why I need seven bookcases to house my book collection, and why I have a five-drawer cabinet for my pens. Oh yeah, and I have a Twilight shrine. This could go on for days, but my point is: I love enamel pins. LOVE them. They’re so fun. I have two Joji & Co hobo bags that are almost full, a few pins on various other project bags, and a pin banner that’s now full. What is a crafty person to do but look at the pin banner and think, “I could make that!”

So I did!

This is my third try, I think. The first one was in cotton, just to test the process. The second one was a little short and the corners a bit wonky. This one was better, and the fourth was better still, which is good because it became a gift for a fellow pin enthusiast. And then I made a miniature one for my sister. Now I still have a ton of this canvas fabric and I’m not sure what to do with it!

It’s pretty fun to be able to make shit, you know?

Retail therapy

Yep, as most of you probably knew I would, I visited the yarn store for a little retail therapy yesterday! But honestly, by the time we left the house, I probably would have been okay staying home. I’d played in my stash and cast on a new cowl, and the knitting was helping a lot. Still, it’s hard to turn down a yarn store adventure, and the boy was happy because we were going to the guitar store after the yarn store, and I couldn’t disappoint him, right? Anyway, I think I did pretty well.

Only two skeins of yarn, though I touched many other pretty skeins! This is Woolfolk LUFT and I was so excited when I found out they were carrying it. I have a little cowl in navy LUFT and wear it all the time; it’s lightweight and soft and not itchy at all and I love it. I’ve been needing a basic gray cowl, so this will be perfect. I bought yarn specifically for a project! Crazy, no?

It’s not a great photo so you can’t see how gorgeous that hot pink fur pompom is, but it’s kind of amazing. It’ll go on a gray hat, once I figure out which yarn to use for said hat. And I couldn’t resist a couple new pins for my collection. “Weirdos unite” might be my favorite!