We belong together

Watching the inauguration yesterday, I was struck by all the strong, gorgeous colors the women were wearing, and I decided I needed a commemorative cast-on. I don’t wear red (because I don’t like red with my purple hair) or yellow (not a flattering color for me) so I focused on the teal/purple combo. Stash-diving gave me these. The teal is darker than Dr. Biden’s (and not quite as green as it looks here) and the purple is lighter than Vice President Harris’s, but it’s close enough that I think I’ll remember the day when I wear this.

The pattern is We Belong Together and so far it’s exactly what I needed: some variations to keep it interesting but not so hard that I can’t watch TV at the same time. And it’s DK so it won’t take as long as fingering weight!

Also I blocked my Oxbow cardigan and now I kind of wish I hadn’t, because it grew a bit and the texture is a little looser. It’s not superwash so I can’t just throw it in the dryer, so I think it just…is? It’s fine, still totally wearable and just a bigger, cozy cardigan. And it is softer, without any itchy issues so far, so that’s a plus. I think the only thing I could have done differently was to make my gauge swatch bigger, to get a better sense of how the stitch pattern behaved after blocking. Live and learn, I guess!

7 thoughts on “We belong together

  1. Gorgeous colours! Your cardigan may shrink back a bit, that happened to my cardigan in malabrigo wool yarn. I blocked it the sleeves needed turning over, after a couple of days the sleeves stop needing to be folded over…weird but true.

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