Sock It To Me Monday

And Monday is socking it to me this week. It is cold and gray and rainy, and I found out some news at work that was a little disheartening and so I am wandering around my house in a hoodie with the hood pulled up because it is somehow mildly comforting. We all thought, Oh yay, 2021 will be better! Oh yay, the vaccine is coming! Oh yay this or that! Well, guess what. Things still mostly suck, except I have less dread every time I log into Twitter each morning.

I’ve had some time on conference calls where I’m not doing much, so my bright, fun sock is growing nicely. But mostly I’ve been working on my We Belong Together shawl and I think I will finish that in the next couple of days. Oh, and I took a short break last night for this little project.

Duncan went outside with the sweater on, and came inside without a sweater. I found it outside, damp and muddy, by the broken gate where they like to go in and out under the deck. It snagged on something, clearly. I have mended the hole and it is not pretty if you look up close but it is no longer a hole at least. I didn’t want to take a picture because my mending skills are less than stellar. Thankfully, the dogs won’t care at all.

I hope it is at least sunny where you are today!

15 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. Wow – those are super bright cheerful socks!
    It is a little disappointing, though not that surprising, that things have mostly continued on as they were. Hopefully things will improve soon, though!

  2. That sock is amazing! And I give you lots of credit for mending, even if it was less than stellar. My mending just sits in a pile for eons shaming me. Hopefully things will start looking up soon.

  3. …things still mostly suck!” I’m dying!!
    You should take a photo of your mending. I find seeing people work helps me tremendously. Really!! If all I had to look at were the perfect skills, I may never feel confident enough to try it.

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