Happy Wednesday

Four years ago today, I had a piece of chocolate cake as comfort, as consolation. Today I baked a cake as celebration. Today I celebrate the inauguration of the 46th president and of the first woman vice president, and I celebrate the return of cautious optimism and hope.

The cake is also for my dad. Today is his birthday. He would have been 77 this year, and I think it’s the first year since he died that we aren’t having a big family dinner with Mexican food and margaritas in his honor.

And the cake is for Jack too, whose birthday was yesterday and is 7 now. (So many 7s! Must be lucky!) He won’t get cake but he got a little bit of pumpkin mixed into his dinner last night, so he was happy.

Happy Wednesday, friends.

11 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday

  1. Happy birthday to Jack, and your dad 🙂 and congratulations on getting a decent human being for a president! Even over here we breathed a huge sigh of relief that the orange idiot is gone, so it must be even more intense for you. Yay for progress in the right direction again!

  2. Happy birthdays! And yesterday was a good day. It was so inspiring to see Vice President Harris (I love being able to say that!) break so many barriers in one moment.

    The cake was a great idea. I didn’t think to bake a cake, but fortunately I had cookies.

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