No Alliteration Thursday

I’ve got nothing clever for a title today, friends. Work is kicking my ass emotionally this week and I’m staying afloat by casting on all the things. Here are my four pretty new projects:

Left to right: Sailing, Thoughful Cowl, Manos del Uruguay Alegria sweater swatch, Hundred Acre Wood (Rav link).

I like knitting. Knitting is good. And it is almost Friday, and Fridays are also good, because they are right next to Saturday! Also, we finished season three of The Crown last night and now I need another delightful British show to watch. Any suggestions?


19 thoughts on “No Alliteration Thursday

  1. Those all look like fun new projects! Very happy yarn. 🙂 I haven’t been watching any British shows lately (we’ve been watching a video game speedrunning marathon that is raising money for charity) so I can’t recommend any for you. I hope you find something fun though!

  2. Love your project starts! Have you seen Midsomer Murders? It’s a British police show that has run for 21 seasons so far and still going. So if you do like it, there’s plenty to watch! Or Time Team? British archaeology show which is oddly fascinating.

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