WIP Wednesday

You know how I mentioned that I wanted to cast on something new because I finished my sock project? I kind of took that to the extreme, and now my WIP Wednesday is a little crazy!

img_8465Yeah, I wound all that yarn yesterday. It will become one gradient wrap, one half-circle shawl, one sweater gauge swatch, two asymmetrical shawls, and one pair of socks. Eventually. It was super fun though, spending the time winding and then deciding patterns and pulling out the right needles, and putting them all in project bags. My knitting cart is now FULL of projects ready for knitting at a moment’s notice, with so much variety that I should always be able to find something I want to knit. Of course, after all that, I was a little tired and didn’t have much knitting time, so I actually only cast on two of those six projects. But I’m looking forward to starting the rest!

The other big project yesterday was a new grill. Our old grill, which has been around pretty much all 23 years of our married life, wouldn’t light on Sunday. Last night, the husband went and picked up an awesome new grill and spent over two hours assembling it. He hooked it up to the propane tank … and it wouldn’t light. After going out to get a new tank, we discovered the problem all along was a faulty valve on the tank, and not the grill at all! I think the husband thought I would be upset that we spent the money “needlessly”, but honestly, we were so due for an upgrade. And if this means he’ll happily continue to cook dinner more often, I’m all for it!

Happy Wednesday, friends.

16 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Happy Wednesday! I so want to cast on a new project too (a scrap blanket), but I’m making myself finish one of my other projects first. (Though, to be fair, I did just finish some socks so I got to start some new socks.)

    I’m assuming that those lovely purples in front are for the gradient wrap? It’s going to be lovely!

    • It is!! It might be my favorite yarn ever. I’ve made a shawl and a cowl with it before, and decided I need a crazy bright sweater. Somehow I can never bring myself to hide it on my feet!

  2. After 23 years, that grill does not owe you anything. Time for an upgrade for sure! Love all your yarn – you will definitely have a good variety of projects to choose from πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see all your cool projects!

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